Youngistaan Ka WOW!

Hey guys..this isn't my usual post. So this time you can be relieved that my thoughts are not going to eat up ur head !
This is my entry for youngistaan ka WOW contest.
I had to nominate 4 of my funniest posts(damn difficult maaan)..and in the fifth post I had to answer this question - If you were the game master, what challengze would you like to throw to Ranbir? (To find out what the game is, check out example, ask Ranbir how he would get to a Pepsi if it is 15 feet underwater and there is no one in sight to help him (he is water phobic!).
So folks my 4 of my entries are..
other side
in the life of zero

And my answer to the question is.....

After following map and overcoming all the dangerous hurdles in jungle Ranbir finally finds the cave where Pepsi bottle can be found .The Pepsi is right there on the Kings chair ! But there is an istruction stating that,If the bottle is lifted,the door of the cave closes immidietly and venomous snakes fall from the ceiling! How will Ranbir drink the pepsi and escape from the cave too ?


  1. dude he is an Indian actor.....he can do anything....i know he'll get out of this one too

  2. Yeah!! In Bollywood anythings possible!!
    Getting to check out some really creative ideas in here!

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  3. Simple don't lift the bottle use a straw ;) ..then move on :P
    -Varun Jain

  4. Hey nice post there!Ranbir will have one hell of a time for sure :) All the best for ur post!

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  5. He will hypnotize the game master and run away with the Pepse! :)

    BTW, check out the visual of Ranbir jumping from the Bandra Worli Sea Link shouting WOW WOW WOW and gulping down a can of Pepsi! Do write your comment/feedback at:

  6. hey .. interesting entry.. gud luck for the contest..
    check out mine too. .
    though a little tacky but im lovin it..

  7. I think using the straw will be a good idea... Let us get Ranbhirs opinion now..
    Check out my Sholay challenge for him if possible

  8. Replace the bottle with something of equal weight? Or do we have motion sensors?

  9. Haha. is this challenge for Ranbir Kapoor or Indiana Jones???

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