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Not only go green

“Shhhaa ! maan I hate !! I hate it so much…
I hate not seeing the sun in the morning when I get up.
I hate seeing the puddles of water everywhere .I hate that yucky smell of moist clothes.
I hate to see the bobby prints of mud on the back of my pant .
I hate to see half a kg mud stuck on my sandals.
I hate those somewhat wet socks which attract my attention from time to time.
I hate those open umbrellas draining water which occupy MY Space in the balcony .
I hate to see those creepy patterned leakage patches on the wall.
I hate to see the mud filled mud gaurds and mudflaps and dirty cars and wiper marks.
I hate the moist salt ..the moist matchsticks .. the powercuts.. the traffic jams …
Gawwwwd I hate this rain so much !! “ I used to say so before a couple of days …

when suddenly one day our (me n my rommies ) happy n flourishing lives were hit by this immense turbulence. That day we returned from the office to see our ever water vomiting taps run dry !!!

Very unalarmingly the water supply had been cut. We all saw the amount of water in the filter and all of us thought the same .. “What are we gonna drink ? How are we gonna cook ? How are we gonna wash these utensils and most importantly how are we gonnaa…….

And there all of us at once we looked at each other — nodded our heads –and ran in search of the watchman..who was as usual watching nothing and had gone ..god knows where. . After a long Ctrl+F everywhere we found him and asked the obvious question for which he answered casually ..”Water is gonna come at 8” and we were like “HUSSSSHH” and then he said “Tommorrow Morning ” and we were like “WHATTTT …NOOO” :O We all leave for office by then…Some angel.. told us that there was a tap in the nearby building which was emitting water and ..there :)….. everybody saw 5 Software Proffesionals helplessly carrying buckets full of water up and down ..6 floors :roll: we tried out as many algos we had learned reduce the number of turns ..but in vain…Finally when all the buckets and huge containers were full..we stopped , had painkillers for dinner and quickly went to sleep fearless of nightmares as we had already experienced one . Really that day was worse than a nightmare (Our daily serials also went for a toss that day :) we are still sulking 4 that :)

Muni. Corporation had cut 40 % of the water supply so water came only 2 hrs every day..The monsoon had ditched us ..everyday it used to be cloudy but it never rained ! One fine day..when I read that … IMD had predicted that the monsoon will be postponed still further ..I was sure and happy that it would rain that day but god knows how their predictions were correct !! (they updated their instruments I guess )

After a lot of prayers,wailings,cryings and suffering finally it rained ..and rained.. and rained but things are different now …Now I love everything which I said” I hate “above . Previously, I just knew ..or I just thought … about the importance of rain but today I have realized it in real sense . Ive truly realized water’s worth and I want you all to realize it too w/o experiencing all the brunts which I n my roomies have ..So folks NOT ONLY GO GREEN ..GO BLUE TOO and use water judiciously !!