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There they come again ..I am smacked yet again by these weird thoughts !!
I don’t know from where do I attract them….and not only do they dwell in but they also multiply encumbering other thoughts which is not at all normal.
Seeing their flourishing rate I often wonder what do they get in here to breed on :)
Anyway, before these weird thoughts clog all my other thoughts and make me weird I better squiggle them on this post and make some room for normal thoughts !!!
Zillions of apologies for spreading these weird thoughts through my blog.
Well,this time the weird thought is ..MIRRORS !Had a haircut recently ..Sitting on the hot seat I had nothing to gaze at except ..
1. Cosmetic Bottles and tubes (Which don’t lure me )
2. My Face (Which I am bored of already )
3. Pieces of hair (they make me compare the time they took to be of that length and the time the barber took to recklessly detach them from their roots…making me feel sad so I dont look at them either !! )
Soooo I had nothing to look at except the MIRROR and there a weird thought struck ..WHAT IF DIFFERENT KIND OF MIRRORS HAD TO SAY SOMETHING …. Here they go ..

FAMILY MIRRORS : “OH no !! not you again ! I am bored seeing the same ol faces.. since ages ! Come on I want a change !!!! ”

THE SIDE VIEW MIRRORS OF A CAR: “For god sake …..Can anybody tell me the formula to calculate the actual distance of these vehicles !!! Everytime I see vehicle coming closer it makes me jump out of my skin …when the reality is…those vehicles are miles apart !! ”

THE REAR VIEW MIRROR : “Can I ever see the lady of the family…coz Ive never”

MIRRORS IN THE LIFT :”These humans !! when they enter the lift in groups ..none of them dares to look at me ..and even if they do … they just give me a quick fleeting peek. BUT BUT BUT !!! When they are alone must see their confidence !!! they look nowhere except me” .


BASE MIRRORS IN SHOE SHOP : “Damn it …Can you ever show me your face !!! Feet can’t be the only distinguishing factor OK..How will I know whoz who ?? “

MIRROR IN LADIES LOO : “Hey you guys !! they have no offence when we stare at them whenever wherever !!!! Now just stop burning !! ”

MIRRORS IN GENTS LOO: “We know that its been said that ..only ladies fuss about their looks …BUT we know what the reality is …so we don’t believe the statement . ”

AISHWARYA’s MIRROR : “ I know about that pimple which is beneath those layers of foundation ” .

MIRROR WITHIN YOU : ” Firstly ..there are a very select few who are aware of our presence ! and even if they are ..they never carry what we have shown them ! Its really unfair on our part !! you all accept and carry what the above mirrors show you ..then how can you just suppress and overlook what we have shown you.You are never your true self which we have seen !!!!
All the above mirrors will show …when you look at them but we are with you forever …its just that ignore us !!!
When will you listen to us !! Stop acting for the sake of world !!. Be what you are !!! Show your true self.
Do us some justice you poor humans !!!! We know its Hard !!! but it’s a challenge “

GULP !!! HUSH !!! that it !!! I made some room for other thoughts now !BUT BUT be ready for more !!!