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Waaannnh my chair :(

OHhhhhhhhhh noooooooo Daaammnn !! my chair is gone !!
Hey its not about THE powerwala chair haan its about my chair on which i sit the whole day and code incessantly.Its been captivated by my team lead !!
Shaah ! It was my beloved one ! I was so fond of it ! I was so comfortable on it ! I used to love it soo much ! It was equivalent to the “singhasan “ for me.
But now its gone and I can do nothing but see it behind me .I am soo uncomfortable sitting on this stranger one !

(Now dear readers ..I know I might sound crazy,Frenzy,jug-head,crack pot and a nut in the furthur post..but I am not used to hold back my feelings so you'll have to bear with me n ya sorry for breaking the link :))

So where was I ? My chair got captivated and I am broken heart.
Whenever I look at it ..I feel the chair say...
 "Hey !! I dint like my new owner please take me back I want YOU to sit on ME”
I felt as if it is spreading its handrests and calling me …and saying
“Dear Kasturi please save me from this new one on me .
YOU were the one who gave me full respect,this new one doesn’t care about me.
I don’t matter for him.I am just a matter for him.
I want you... I remember how unnerved YOU used to be when someone else sat on me.
I remember how your heart skipped a beat when YOU found me misplaced.
I remember how blissful YOU felt when you sat on me.
I felt so pampered with YOU but this one doesn’t think about me a single pence have me!”

(Now stop thinking fool of me )

But strange,Isn’t it !!! I never knew my chair played a so much part in my life tell you seriously I am not able to concentrate on my work !(I know that’s bad..but Its good to be honest).After every half n hr I am looking back forlornly at my chair and hearing new things from it.

(Now,my frenzy mind goes again so beware :) its my turn to talk to my chair and I owe some words for my chair :) )

“Dear Coushy..(Thats what Ive named it .. Coushy for my Tooshy.. Thats what I keep sayin !!!)
I feel for you as Fedrer feels for his racket..
I feel for you as Picasso feels for his brush ..
I feel for you as Shakespere feels for his pen .
I feel for you as Lance feels for his bike …..
You brought a smile on my face and I'll get you soon :) ”

(Thats it ! Now you can relax !Its time to get serious..)

I never realized that my productivity shares a fraction with my chair…
I never realized ,that “feeling of belonging“ for materialistic things ..can be such intensive that it can have a psychological effect.
N I don’t see anything wrong in that .
Today I will work …but after every half n hr a small thought of the chair will disturb me …but tomorrow b4 the TL comes when I ll interchange the chair and get it back ! The whole day Ill feel contended and that simple feeling of having my chair back will make me work with double the i'll make up for today.

In a nutshell,I just wanted to say that derive happiness in smallest possible things around (Its chair for me) .These small small things constantly keep giving us happiness and contement but we fail to acknowledge.
Just find out such things in your life and acknowledge the happiness it gives you and I am sure you'll be happy everytime you  see it. After all life is all about being happy :)
So all be happy, as I shall be Tommorow .
But For Today….”Waaaannnhhh MY CHAIR!!!”.

P.S : Sorry for those "Third world conversations b/e me and my chair but I meant them :) "

Yup!! I dream small !

Just today…. i read “Your Thoughts get converted into Reality..So dream BIG” and a shiver ran down ma spine ! I was terrified and petrified for if it turns true, then for sure, my future… is endangered !! Why ???Go furthur.

Yes …….I know there are goals …there is passion …and one should dream big.
 n for that matter I also have them …I also posses one ..and …I practice it.

But,But at times…holes appear in my goals :)..My passion goes for a tos
n I cant help dreaming smaller :)  
I don’t know whether it happens to everybody or not…but ..this happens to me very frequently (I know 'very frequently' is wrong but  the word ‘very’ is there to show the intensity of the frequency :) so carry on …
To give you some instances when my dreams attenuate ....

Recently …while watchin Fedrer-Nadal Australian Open final
 I din’t dream that i should be in the vvip box watching the match…neither did I see myself in Fedrer’s girlfriend’s place (Can any one tell me her name please ..)
In turn, I just wanted to be the ball girl passing the balls or towels to the titans..watching their match from the base line or from the net while being awed by their skill sets

When I listen to a Rehman number
I never feel that one fine day I should walk up to the man and appreciate him and thank him for such great stress busters
I never feel like telling him that it will be he …whom I would be hiring...if ever I produced a movie.
but but in turn…I always feel that I should be a small violinist (not even the lead) in the big fleet of his violinists who just goes on and on as AR wants … and see the man closely and help him while he cherishes his passion.
 and if violin is too difficult to learn and I dont make it to his band , then I wouldnt mind being a caretaker of his music studio !! That man is Gawd !!!

When I read about APJ his works.
I never feel ….I should be inviting this man as a chief guest if ever I open a research center or an institute or a huge firm.
inturn ….I feel that.. I feel that I should be one of his security guards watching him from a distance being mesmerised  how the person manages his time , the people artound and his innumerous noble activities so humbly and so efficiently !!

When I read PL(A great Marathi author)/Ayan /Robin/Enid/Domnique or for that matter ....even Archie
 I never feel  that I should be some one someday who would  get chance to felicitate these great writers.
But in turn I feel ..I wouldn't mind being a library concierge @ the author’s who could watch the great ponderer and brilliant minds @ work .

So you see if these thoughts turn into reality ..I will be big time screwed up.My ma n pa would think of disowning me...their dreams would land flat n the society n the uncles n the aunties n my collegeues around me ...what would all of them say ?  these thoughts clogged my mind and So was the shiver in the spine :(

But, But, But, as.. I think over..deeply….(Ya I do that,sometimes ;))

Why was there a shiver in my spine ? There shouldnt have been any..coz these kinda thoughts occupy me when I am in the utmost state of Happiness…Its all because of the missing "Dignity of Labour" in our country
But if I give a damn to it then I will be screwing up my life n I dont want to do that ..I have only one :)

I know ..thats all this will sound really stupid n silly of me …. but its true,that dreaming smaller makes me happy..and the now shiver has passed away…and no more I am afraid of any profession provided it
 gives me happiness and whats wrong in that...coz ultimately we all are in search of Happiness..!!!So don’t be surprised if one fine day you see Kasturi shinde on Wimbledon court picking up balls for the experts coz when she’ll be doing that she’ll be extremely happy