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In the life of a forward

“Now I know that I’ve come in your inbox again…but that doesn’t mean that you become so pissed off ,make a murky face and brutally kill me by Shift-Delete. Its not that I love your gloomy face either .It’s Someone with gloomy face like yours has sent me to you…so curse that person and not me.And moreover even if you delete me I wont be restricted.I ll drop in some other time !!!:-)

I hate when people say”Oh!!!!these Forwards!!!!”...Hellooow !!Excuse me !I don’t have any interest to grace your mailbox OK…. but unfortunately I cant avoid it also ….

I am very faithful servant of the sender. I go whenever,wherever and carry whatever he gives me ..sometimes viruses also. Sometimes people dress me up with useful information which very few people think of reading ..sometimes people dress me up with pictures which ppl only scroll down (that too midway) and don’t even have patience to scroll till end.Sometimes network glitches do come in my way …but somehow I manage to reach the destination.

As for me my age is more than your age now. From the time I’ve been born I am just travelling from one inbox to other.Only that’s the aim in my life.One deletes me.the other fowards me.So anyways I am alive some or the otherways..No one gets inspired,no one cares for me.No one treats me specially.Those formal work mails of yours always tease me as they go in those special folders and we….in the recycle bins !!!

But I am a great optimist I know that I have more value than those imp mails.Just imagine that whole day you keep on receiving those bore work emails and not a single casual forward !!! You would go even if you neglect me I know that I have distracted you and brought you out of the work for a couple of seconds.So I am responsible for maintaining your mental balance.So I don’t care what impotance I get !Mind It !!So Stop giving me dirts and stop staring and Forward me so that I can handle some one else’s mental balance now !!!

Out of the life of forward ..its me,Kasturi again saying ...
Next time you get a forward instead of getting pissed off !Just think your mind needed that !!!