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Sunday evenings are special for us roomies because , we don’t torture our tummies and taste buds with that dreadful Tiffin of ours from our “doesn’t know how to cook ” aunty :) :) . So thanks to this so-called aunty of ours every weekend happen to try a new restaurant . This weekend also we did try one. It wasn’t so high profile and elite that along with the bill we get this huge Feedback form !!! Seeing the form I was like “No…Not here, Feedback Feedback Feedback every where..”

Feedback of a course@ cognizant.
Feedback of caterer services @ cognizant.
Feedback of our HCM Supervisors.
Feedback of garbage management in the society.
Feedback of a new Tabla Sir @ our music Vidyalaya .
Feedback of an exhibition.. and nowFeedback of this small eatery ?
It almost made me sing “Feedback is in the air ;) ”

But then I thought why am I ranting about it ??? After all Its all about feedbacks, isn’t it ?
Isn’t feedback the reason for all the improved versions of things …be it car or product or even a document?Feedback is a source of motivation …don’t we strive for positive feedback ? Even bad Feedback is a kind of motivation coz then we strive to turn it into a good feedback.
Whenever we say we like him/her/this/that ….what are we doing ?
Whenever we complain about things …what are we doing ?
Feedback makes us spend and feedback makes us save.
Feedback has the power to retain and feedback has the power to change.
Product companies,marketing firms ,entertainment industry ..etc are so very dependent on feedbacks ! THEN….THEN..THEN a deep insight has struck…EUREKA
What do you think our TESTING is ? Isn’t it a kind of feedback given by our testers for our code ?So you see in IT industries…too 70% of the work is based on giving feedbacks :) :)

So doesnt it make us say it’s all about giving Feedback !!
So henceforth,if you are asked for a feedback ….toss your laziness and take it seriously.
So now time has come that you give your feedback for this post :) .

(P.S : I think we should start having feedbacks for our Politians and their policies as well !!)