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Scaling beyond Horizons ...Part 2

Ya…so where was I in the previous post ? Ya ..With great plans and exciement I slept praying for tomorrow to rise as quickly as he (GOD) can. And he heard me..before I could start dreaming,it was morning .Super duper excited I jumped off the bed knowing that it was going to be a different day. A day when I’ll have something else to do than merely solving aptitude questions or reading comprehensions. I gave special orders for light breakfast and a bland lunch..obviously for the ADI. I was waiting for 9 ‘o’ clock. Till then I checked on which channel nos CARTOON N/W ,DISNEY,HUNGAMA was. I wanted everything to go on very smoothly.I climbed the attic and dug out my brother’s ageing bat (not the bird/mammal :) ) and the dust coated ball.I recollected the nursery rhymes..coz I dint want to baffle and end up saying..”Twinkle Twinkle …..Yes Papa” :) :). I had heard that young minds can be moulded any I had planned to teach him new words (Ofcourse not my CAT vocab words :) but words like ‘thank you’ n ‘you are welcome’ and ‘no mention’ etc )so that when he leaves my place he leaves as an altogether different and sagacious kid .

The clock ticked 9 and the door bell rang ‘Ting Tong’ and tadaaaaa ..there he was still ting toiiiiinnnng the bell even after the door being opened. My aunt then let him down and innnnn he vanished somewhere till the time my aunt told me his schedule. Then she escaped..but as soon as he heard the Car disappear..he appeared …..from god knows where and let out a huge cryyyy.. paralyzing all my senses.I took him to our garden …

I showed him sparrows n flowers n chikoos on the tree n the weaver bird’s nest …but all in vain…I never thought that children don’t appreciate God’s creativity. He went on crying till he was out of breadth and then suddenly he stopped and gladly when I looked at him ….woooooo….there he was
tasting the mix of phlegm mucus and lacrimal fluid …In layman’s lingo …tears and nose snot ..the gold what we normally say :)
CHeeeee.. yukks…..I shouted and ran to bring a napkin and when I came back the kid had plucked the most beautiful rose of our garden..I dint wanna beat him up …not because the rose flower couldn’t be put back again but, I dint want to hear his high pitched cry again.

Some how he lingered for 15 mins in the garden thus pacifying my soul ..It was real fun to see the little thing pluck this leaf ..that leaf ..scratch this trunk and that trunk ..throw the stones here and there but I dint utter a word… I was just wondering which action movies my aunt must have seen during her pregnancy.

Suddenly he heard a far away marriage band (the baarat) somewhere and then he wanted to go there. Now who on earth knew where that baraat was and where would I have taken him? So to distract his attention I showed him puppies outside our compound..the kid ran to them.But I was sooo glad that he feared them… he sat and watched them from a safe distance ..then suddenly I don’t know what boosted his confidence level and the kid held the puppy with the tail and lifted it like a rat.The puppy scremed and me too…I hit Adi hard and immidietly and took him away ..inside the house …He wailed and howled and so put on the TV
(I knew the channel nos by heart :) ) so I put on the CARTOON n/w ..he dint want that ...then DISNEY..but nope …then HUNGAMA but he dint want that either .He wanted POGO :) what the heck …I dint know where it was..I started switching channels,he got bored and went somewhere leaving me to search for POGO.

I found the silence very strange coz ADI and silence don’t go I went to search for Adi and he was coming out of my bedroom smiling ..but my sixth sense told, not to trust that fishy smile and I peeped inside the bedroom to see if everything is fine there and in place…and Waaaaaalllllaaa.. he had spread the moisturizer alllllll over :) :) the room and wiped his hands to the curtains :) .

When I went to see where the devil was .. he was there in the TV room trying to put his finger inside the plug. Nooooo GOSSSH I hit him hard again and shouted . He cried and cried and turned back and said ‘BHOOK’ ..’hungry’.. and I shouted YIPEEEEEE. Then I took him to the kitchen and fed him properly ..telling him most illogically made up stories (obviously he demanded for a Ghost story ) in between I had to face his nonsensical !stupid ! out of the world questions questions also. I told him the gost had biiig teeth ..he asked me ‘HOW’..Now How…how how can I tell him HOW the ghost had big teeth :) .
I told him God gave him those big teeth. I am never gonna tell that story to any kid from now onwards.

The food made had him a bit quiet...we played hide and seek...then we played cricket.Then when I did a mistake of asking him for the bat...and he hit me.But me, an injured player, still continued playing with sportsman spirit.The phone bell rang ..and when I came back after answering it I saw that the champ chewing something ...I forced open his mouth to find the phenyl bottle lid.I dragged him inside the house and played catch-catch with a steel bowl. Everytime it fell down and made noise, a boundless happiness and laughter flared on Adi’s face. Then the car horn honked and finally the owner of the little thing had come .I had been waiting for my ‘THE GREAT AUNTY’ for so long. The little creature went upto her and told her ‘KAstuleee didi hit me …here’ Aunty looked at me and seeing the expressions on my face she burst out with laughter…I dint know how to react.

But Ya ..the episode taught me lot of things ..I realized that till now I had faced nothing in my life ..there was much more in the plate for me.I need to prepared for everything.
Those result days ,those deadlines,those complex quant questions and those difficult comprehensions seemed nothing in front of this job. There, If I go wrong I miss a mark or reputation ...but here one whole life is on stake. So if you are a guy ….please do not underestimate a housewife’s job..its hardest one.Taking care of the little one ..while handling other things is a hard job and you must learn to respect it  :) ..Go and thank your mother and if you are a girl..CHEEERS n BEST OF LUCK.


Scaling beyond Horizons ...

Oh Come on,climbing everest seemed a hard task to me only till yesterday.
Rocket science was a complicated stuff for me only till yesterday.
Indian rains were the most unpredictable thing for me only till yesterday.
Himesh Reshamiya’s voice seemed intolerable only till yesterday.
YESTERDAY,all thresholds changed for me because YESTERDAY I realized that raising a kid is the most difficult thing on earth ,thanks to my 3 yr old cousin ,Adi. (Jyotiradiitya Btw :))

“Kasturi can you please take care of Adi for half a day tomorrow” cried my aunty in a low skeptical voice. “Whattt !!!”I was stunned and exuberated at the same time .

Stunned because I always thought that people had an opinion about me that I would be a suitable candidate to take care of their kids only if I were the last adult to survive on this earth. As many of my relatives had made me feel like that way when they relied on my cousins..younger to me when it came to their kids :)

I was exhuberent because firstly I loooove kids . (I know many of you will be surprised by that fact :))
Secondly I had an opportunity(first ever) to prove that I ya can take care of
those little THINGS oops BEINGS..I mean :) !

And thirdly I loved Adi and this was the first chance to spend some considerable time with him.All that I had conversed with him since he was born was “Ollu llu llu llu ..what is that..who is he ..what you want ..who am I ?..Say k-a-s-t-u-leeeeeeee ! n what have you done :) :) ”

Now tomorrow, I would be having whole of him entirely for me ..I thought rubbing my hands :)
(I know that sounds like devil :) :) :) )

“Yippee ..Sure..why not” I cried to my aunt who albeit dint seem to smile! She was still doubtful about my capabilities,skills and potential to handle kids I guess !

Was eagerly waiting for tomorrow…With lot of plans and schedules and excitement in my mind I slept.

To be continued … :)

P.S : sorry for that peeeooople ;)