Scaling beyond Horizons ...

Oh Come on,climbing everest seemed a hard task to me only till yesterday.
Rocket science was a complicated stuff for me only till yesterday.
Indian rains were the most unpredictable thing for me only till yesterday.
Himesh Reshamiya’s voice seemed intolerable only till yesterday.
YESTERDAY,all thresholds changed for me because YESTERDAY I realized that raising a kid is the most difficult thing on earth ,thanks to my 3 yr old cousin ,Adi. (Jyotiradiitya Btw :))

“Kasturi can you please take care of Adi for half a day tomorrow” cried my aunty in a low skeptical voice. “Whattt !!!”I was stunned and exuberated at the same time .

Stunned because I always thought that people had an opinion about me that I would be a suitable candidate to take care of their kids only if I were the last adult to survive on this earth. As many of my relatives had made me feel like that way when they relied on my cousins..younger to me when it came to their kids :)

I was exhuberent because firstly I loooove kids . (I know many of you will be surprised by that fact :))
Secondly I had an opportunity(first ever) to prove that I ya can take care of
those little THINGS oops BEINGS..I mean :) !

And thirdly I loved Adi and this was the first chance to spend some considerable time with him.All that I had conversed with him since he was born was “Ollu llu llu llu ..what is that..who is he ..what you want ..who am I ?..Say k-a-s-t-u-leeeeeeee ! n what have you done :) :) ”

Now tomorrow, I would be having whole of him entirely for me ..I thought rubbing my hands :)
(I know that sounds like devil :) :) :) )

“Yippee ..Sure..why not” I cried to my aunt who albeit dint seem to smile! She was still doubtful about my capabilities,skills and potential to handle kids I guess !

Was eagerly waiting for tomorrow…With lot of plans and schedules and excitement in my mind I slept.

To be continued … :)

P.S : sorry for that peeeooople ;)


  1. Poor kid... god bless the kid.. my sympathies with the Adi :P
    whens the nxt episode of this post..

    -Varun Jain

  2. Hey Kasturi
    Kiski bajegee... Tumhari ya Adi ki???
    - Sangam

  3. @ Varun
    Ohhh so you think the same as others doo !!
    Kal dekha jayega !

    @ SAngam
    I am not revealing that today...You'll have to find it out tommorow

  4. ohh!!incomplete.
    wud hava loved the full version.
    waiting for the next post kas!!!

    Raahul Jindal

  5. Ya thanks for commenting Jindal ..thats done solely to keep u guys hooked on to my blog :)

  6. Hey Kas
    Interesting .. spending time with kids ..The fact that you are taking time to come up with the next episode makes me think ki teri bajgayee !!!

  7. Nice writing! Enjoyed reading it!

    Landed here from comment on Vikram Bhaiya's blog, and to be continued part looks like borrowed from there:)