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Experience will teach them

Just yesterday,I read an ariticle by Anupam Kher where in he says that money cant buy happiness.Agreed ..Yes boss ! at the first thought ..but then suddenly I thought twice and now..if you ask me I would say ‘YES’ for those who have it and ‘NO’ for those who don’t.

I feel that every person should undergo both the feeling in his/her lifetime.
I agree that it’s a truth that Money cant buy happiness…but this truth should be arrived at. Gradually.And, not to be considered right away at once just because everyone says so!

Just by saying or knowing that money can’t buy happiness, the poor cannot stop yearning for it and wait for happiness to come to them .It will be like sour grapes if they do that.

Same is the case with the rich,just after realizing that money cant buy happiness they simply cant relinquish all their money they have…It will be stupidity if they do that.

It’s a stark reality that 70% of the total wealth in the world is acquired by mere 5% people on the earth and there are way more number of poor people on this earth striving for these basic necessities than 5% of people.If you tell them that money cant buy happiness ..they will say  "then give your money to us".

Since the 1st grade we have been learning that the basic necessities of man are food,cloathing and shelter.Well, how do you get them?? You need money to get them,unless you are an aboriginal !
Then there are some who have these basic needs but are striving to maintain those basic needs do they do that ! Money !
Then there are some who require more than the basic needs,the do they get that..Money !

Now you may say..”oh Kasturi you are so shallow ..hapiness does not always lie in Material things …grow up “!

People ..wait ...I know..I know ..I know ….but you all are saying this …just because you all have already experienced the feeling with the material things,you all have experienced the temporary phase but some people haven’t got a chance to experience even that ! What about them ??? We cant just tell them that things dont give happiness ..they will have to experience that for themselves !!
And speaking about those who say money cant buy happiness...
At some point or the other every person does see happiness in material things, be he rich or poor..If that wasn’t true then after some point of time, everyone would have renounced everything they had or they might have never purchased anything after realizing that materials do not give happiness.
But does that happen??No..Even today dont we see Bill Gates travelling in jet  and enjoying luxury??

In a nutshell what I want to say ..We people created money as our basic means and we ourselves just cant devaluate it by saying that money can't buy something.
Today,the whole world is driven by money and one just cant stay behind ..saying that whats the use of money if it can't give us happiness.
Man himself has created such circumstances that at some point or the other he does require money for some of his needs.I am sure for a happy man also, lack of money will be a cause of concern sometime..unless he is a saint.

Those who want to earn money let them earn ..those who dont want to earn let them dont...experience will teach them..
I wrote this post just because I cant always accept and nod my head with whatever is being said !
Well as for me ...balance is the key :)