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Finally after 5 long days I am back to normal Kasturi again. These 5 miserable days people around me were shouting ‘Come on Kasturi …You can Bounce Back’ and I felt like ‘Ya right ..I wanna bounce back ! ..but so hard that I attain the escape velocity and flee this hopeless,aimless earth..I don’t wanna live’ This was all because 26th March 2010 at 5.15 MICA rejected me by saying a big SORRY.

That SORRY…took away my life which I had been living for 6-7 months ..that SORRY shattered my dreams which I had been not only seeing but also living for 6-7 months now…That SORRY took away all my Smile (So not me :)) !! I just couldn’t get over that SORRY.

I was a biggest MICADICT ever known to me :) .To give you instances...

I dreamt of playing baddy in MICA.

I dreamt of me,cheering for MCL team in a match against IIMs.

I dreamt myself to be a part of SANKALP,MICANVAS.

I even dreamt of patting and scolding and playing with ROXY,the gr8 :)

I pictured myself sleeping and dreaming in those MICA classrooms.

I had even taken a pledge to never eat a pizza in MICANTEEN!! You can imagine how attentively I had mugged up CHUCKs and UTSAV’s thread on PG.

I even dreamt of packing bags for MICA.

I read and reread the brochure so many times that now if you ask me to list down the faculty members I would even tell their qualifications and that too in Print order ;) (Dare if anyone tells me to do that )

But Its all over! I still cant believe that I have to order my brain to stop dreaming those MICA dreams ! GOSSH its so hard…Who on the earth said Dreaming was good???.who?? who?? who ?? I am gonna kill him and if he is already, then I am gonna dig up his grave and leave it as is ….GRRR.

Giving up dreaming is soo hard and then there are so many thing which just don’t allow you to

For eg..I can see those piles of India Today,Reader’s Digest and Outlooks (n what!!!Only 2 FILMFAREs beside)there inside my cupboard which I had avidly read during the prep.

As I open my laptop I see those innumerable folders prefixed with MICA....MICA_gk,MICA_puzzles,MICA_idioms,MICA _pschyo :) and MICA_whatnot . Its really so difficult to Shift delete them :)

As I open my browser my Favourites menu bar is all occupied by MICA material sites. Its so hard to remove them from there :)

Its still so hard to give up the habit of silently reading those MICA threads on PG over and over again :)

Its so hard to place that dear brochure in the stack of daily newspapers ready to go in scrap.

Its so hard to not think of those missed weddings and missed outings and all those missed episodes of so many sitcoms.Gosh.

Its really difficult to forget MICA..but after these 5 days,I have to…

Since MICA dint tell me what went wrong I have finally pushed it over on my Destiny (unfortunately).I honestly tried my best to shape my own destiny but may be I was destined to do so :)!! But I am not gonna give up so easy …No..I wont be preparing for MICAT next year :) but I am moving on with my life…but I know and believe that SOME DAY..I am gonna make it BIG and gonna be CALLED/INVITED by MICA and this is a promise from me (guys do not forget my name ;))

These premier institutes do make mistakes once in a while ..RK Narayanan was rejected by JJ School of arts ! I forgive MICA to have made that same mistake in my case :) !!! But its OK ..I still love it :) and so you all will see me there when MICA calls me!
(Its not that ..grapes aur sour for me and I have an attitude problem ...I am saying all this, just coz there are personal obligations and I cannot give MICAT next year:( :(   )


ALL CALL GETTERS...just realize the value of what you have in your hand …It’s the thing which thousands of like me are dying for Best of Luck the Best and convert the call ..Let MICA get the best !!

For all those who dint get a call and are preparing for MICAT next year “All the very best” …and for all those are not preparing for MICAT next year “BOUNCE BACK and MOVE ON”.

And for MICADDICTs like me “Never stop loving MICA” .