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Dear Moradian Sir

This post is regarding a lecture @ Welingkar's foundation fortnight.So I apologise to my non Welingkar readers if they are not able to connect :(

“Don’t miss Moradian Sir’s session! He will make you forget to go to the loo!!” said one of our seniors one day “Since then I had been eager to see who and how this Moradian fellow was ! I waited n waited to hear his name in next days speaker’s list. After the long wait on second last day of the fortnight they announced his name.I was super delighted…then they announced the time..8.30 -2.30..”Wahttt !!” I thought “Never ever sat in one place..for that loooong ..and that too on a Sunday!!”I panicked silently..feeling sad for my but*s :) But you see..'sala I had no CHOICE  na :) :)'

Next day when we entered the auditorium, the fair Parsi* was setting up his laptop.He was ½ n hr ahead of his time. The scene was like the guest speaker was welcoming the audience :) When laptop was checked..presentation was checked …very neatly n systematically he folded his sleeves ….drank the black tea and started off...and left us mesmerized for the next 6 hrs(the 5hr session turned out to be 6).

The 6 hrs session was simply awesome and awesome to such an extent that even 6 days after the lecture we friends kept speaking Moradian statements…in Moradian style :)(n we are going to continue with the style).

Now speaking about his session, amidst his patent words “Sala bastard”** n “bloody engineers” n “Bumboo Theory” n “join my competitor” n “I am a safe maaan” n “houy houy houy” etc (“Alana falana dimka”) we dint even realize that the “Babu” was injecting in us so many practical serious operational concepts and business fundas.He made us study those boring graphs..which thanks to him din’t seem boring at all. We “pappu–shappus” never even realized,when and how he made us look into those serious statistics and numbers and “Shhukss”……those formulas....they are surely itched in some lobe of my brain :)

In a very cute manner repeating “Its not that I am unemployed” n “I am a 60 year old young man” he told so many stories and so many facts and so many experiences which literally left us mesmerised. Unlike others, he left the jargon stuff behind and dragged us down to our basics…acc to him

Conventional Wisdom = ((Stupidity)^n)^infinity.In fact..I would love to call him ‘An Epitome of pragmatism’. And “Buoy oh buoy” after the fun learning..the icing on cake for us were the slideshows of Robert Cooper ……10 on 10 …no wait …… 9 on 10 …Moradian Sir’s lecture deserves 10 on 10 :)We never realized that 6 hrs had flew by..we were ready to let another 6 fly….if he was gonna speak.But there also “sala we dint have any choice naaa :)”

Some beautiful highlights,concepts and insights from Moradian Sir’s lecture.(I never want to forget them so I wrote them here :))

• Costomer is my CEO.

• Customer pays my salary.

• I am not slave of customer your own market.

• Make money NOW and IN FUTURE.

(He made us repeat these 4 lines atleast 5 times during the course of his lecture)

• Let the Europeans buy the latest technology...we must buy secondhand….CAREFULLY.

• Never automate for automation sake…automate for presicision.

• Don’t optimize everything.

• Design logically

• People perform on what is measured and how frequently its measured.

• Become a “Khandani chor” and not a “Chindi chor”…See where the big money lies.

• Variety does not reduce productivity.

• Learn catalogues.(Can you believe Moradian sir’s car has never experienced a speed of 110kmph just coz he had read the whole catalogue which said that the car performs best from 40-80 kmph!)

• Die Young late as possible (Mr Moradian called his hair as platinum hair..loved his attitude!)

He has coined some amazing terms …

• MBWA : Managing By Wandering Around

• GOYA : Get Off your Ass (“Bloody bastard !” he followed)

• Animal design theory

• Sugarcane juice wala attitude (I can still recollect him saying“You think its over,but then that bloody Bastard .. along with 4-5 makkhies does one more PAAAS“

“I am seriously planning to opt for operations now”Said many, as the lecture got over that day.

Mr Moradian,on that Sunday not only taught us operational fundas but taught us a VIEW he taught us LIFE and that too in Morrradian style!

Loved you sir…waiting to hear from you more :) :)

*Fair Parsi : Mr BM’s one core value : “He refuses to recognize a person by his gender,colour,caste,religion, creed..coz man had no choice for this..he was born that way” he believes.

**Bastard : He safely uses this word coz Bastard means “Son of the King who isn’t a Prince :) :)”

P.S :Guys who haven’t attended his session,pray for your chance..SERIOUSLY !!

P.P.S :I have started brushing my teeth twice a day coz Mr BM said “Sala tum apne body ka maintainence nahi kar sakte what maintainence will you do of your machines :) :) "