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You have no clue how much elated i am to post this after such a loooooonnnnggg time.
You have no idea how much my hanky got wet when i pressed the edit post button
I am bacccckkkkk !!!
I have manny things to post about ..Mumbai,my lost mobile, the local, my classmates, my exams, my teachers,emotions and many more ...but hold on your horses .

Lemme post what i feel strongly now :)
Again a disclaimer ..its not a poem  n neither a prose i dont know what it is ..n dont ask me i wont be able to.
Dont try to find the rhyme scheme ...there isnt any :)

With horizon in my eyes
Spreading my wings
Taking a leap
I wanna fly high

Looking down at the earth
I wanna laugh at my past
Taking a turn then
I wanna get lost

Soaring in the sky
Over the unknown sea
I wanna befriend the waves
And make lotta noise

Then succumbing to the gravity
With speed I wanna fall
Getiing hit by the breeze
I wanna get tired

Then Sitting at the coast
Listening to the splash
Feeling the cold breeze
I wanna feel my dear ones near.

(Thats what my classsmates call me :) ..theres a story behind each one ...will have a post about them too ;) )