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From NO to YES

Guys before you start reading the actual post let me clarify some things...

I absolutely have no idea why i am writing this post
I also dont know who told me to write it then
I dont feel that anybody will understand what i have written...
In case if anybody does....lucky you will be eligible to apply in NSA (National Security Agency, America) to crack those mysterious codes ;) lol.
Guys, Its neither a poetry nor a prose...i dont know what it is
Maybe it is my mind's lingo....
I know i am sounding insane but i cant stop my mind from thinking
n ya.....please dont unfollow me after reading this insane sometimes happens to the wierd inside me :)
so bear with me this time n here i go......

                                                           From NO to YES
Woman of substance u think are you ?
I shouted quietly n asked myself once...

Being surprised as to why on earth the question asked
i waited for myself getting an answer was not at all an easy task

Memories flashed n events recollected..
Remembered the successes n mistakes were highlighted

Every moment of life was analysed
and finally there came an answer

YES and NO
Yes was welcome but NO disturbed the core

I couldnt ask myself - "Why the damn NO?"
coz I myself already knew the reson for that answer so

Disgusted by the reasons for that damn NO
I cursed the real culprit fragile and uncontrollable mind
which was of my very very own.

When gloomy n doomy all i was
the 'YES' which lingered in the background suddenly popped up and said

'Dont sulk my dear..for you i am always there'
Together we will turn stones and make a way for the damn NO
to go forever go away..

Happily i agreed with an optimism gushing out..
here i am talking the support of the YES to knock the NO out.

Now I know few days later when i will ask the same question
Woman of substance u think are you ?

I know pat the answer will come "YES YES YES'

P.S : you are free to post your interpretations ....provided u have time... as i have no itentions to waste your time on this :)


Oh Fissssh ! Nooo ! Our bus was in the middle of traffic jam !! Just 10 mins more and I would’ve seen myself sipping coffee at home but hell.. this traffic ! Past 35 mins, parking myself on the middle seat of the last row of the 8 pm bus I had been cursing …..

•The civil engineer who constructed the road which made our bus bounce like a ball

•My neighbors on either sides who were competing b/w themselves to squeeze me like a lemon.

•The heat in the air which made me feel like a potato in the cooker

•The radio in the bus which played the song “Panchi banu Udti phiru mast gagan mein..”

( Errrrrr I felt like hammering it till the springs in it sound ..DWAIING DWAIING :) )

•The Indian population who managed to own so many vehicles which caused the traffic jam. (I bet Mr.Ratan would’ve never thought of the NANO if he would’ve been in my place ).

•Lastly …I was cursing myself for the reason that I was cursing others .

Before things got worse and I started cursing GOD for his creativity…I warned myself “ Hey you girlie-grudger STOP pesting !! :mrgreen: HOLD IT!! CHILLL !! n look around ..there’s so much of amusement around “ !! and guys you wont believe , in the next 20 minutes I witnessed and thought of the most amusing, entertaining and funny people on earth …..’The people in the bus …’

THE SLEEPERS : They were maximum amongst the lot. Horns,Radio,Smoke ,heat, light , force against their own inertia and even the open defects in defect lists din’t seem to bother their inactivity .They had completely surrenendered themselves to their fatigue…some with mouth wide open ..some with their heads towards the sky ..some towards the ground..some with their heads on the window panes and some almost on their neighbour’s shoulders ..

THE PRETENDERS : They were the ones who were trying hard to be THE SLEEPERS..but probably the thoughts of ‘ null pointers in their code /java script error/ which vegetable to cook ‘ made them wake up from time to time…

THE DOZERS : They were the funniest amongst the lot…At one instant they were conscious and at the next instant they were un . At one instant they were straight n still and the other instant they were swinging .The process is amazing ….It goes like this …….First they stare and stare at ..god-knows-what

Then open and close their eyelashaes go..

Up and down their eyeballs go..

Front and back jerks their neck (everytime the intensity increasing) and then …after some time the world becomes dark for them and finally the show starts.. In a very rhythmic motion (in sync wid the bus)..

Swinnnggg goes their upper body goes to right and to the left.

Swinnnggg it goes up and down Until..

•Their chin hits their chest or

•until their head hits the window or the bar in front or back-rest of the seat or

•until they suddenly feel their neighbor or

•until the bus runs over a speed breaker or over a trench .

•or until their atlas (cervical vertibrae) gives up supporting the weight of their head or the angle which they are trying to attain :)

And then taaa ddaaa …suddenly they wake up with eyes wide open … Right and left they look to ensure if nobody has seen them dozing..then being contended that nobody has (when the whole world has ) they return to the normal state and then process continues …They are damn funny

But I don’t understand one thing Why don’t the dozers sleeeep ??? What holds them from sleeping..and why do they consider sleeping as crime???

THE PRACTITIONERS : Some of these are ardent followers of baba Ramdev ..for.. they practice his principles in the bus by continuously rubbing nails of one hand over the other making the neighbor go frenzy by that sound.-Then some of them are tabla/drum practioners ..with earphones stuffed in the ears…
zap zap zap their fingers dance over the knees or on the bag-in-lap or on the seat….and Tap tap tap.. their toes tap trying to synch the beat of god-knows-which song. -Some of them do their singing pactice ..they hum and hum a tune which makes the neighbor wonder ..”What the heck …which song is that ”. -There are some practitioners who practice “SNAKE”,”TENNIS”,”ROAD RASH” games on their mobiles.

THE READERS : There are some readers who burry their heads in the book and look up only when the bus stops .
-There are some readers who have the book in their hands …but are aware of each and every overtaking vehicle on the way.

-There are some readers who read less and struggle with the newspaper pages and the wind more. - There are some readers who read and re-read the smses sent to them .

SPEAKERS AND LISTENERS :Speakers are the ones who incessantly speak and speak over the phones or with their neighbours….and listeners are the ones who are either the neighbours of THE SPEAKERS or who listen over the phone and say “OK..OK”/”hmm..hmm”/”Accha accha”. Then other types could be‘THE OUTLOOKERS’, ‘THE PONDERES : who think of god-knows-what’, ’THE EDGIES : who sit at the edge of their seats and behave as if every stop is their stop and they are going to get down at every stop ..they just cannot sit on their seats’ , THE UNDESCRIPTIVE : These are the ones with insipid and bland look on their faces …the look ..which just cannot be descibed.’
And finallly the most important type of person in the bus ….THE DRIVER (I don’t need to tell @ him )

As I was enjoying ..seeing..and thinking about these people suddenly the bus stopped !! My destination had arrived !! I couldn’t believe that 20 mins had passed !! and moreover I couldn’t believe that I was geting down with a smile…

WHAT i LEARNT FROM THE INCIDENT : Just when I thought that world should end …just when I was cribbing about all the possible things at sight …I happend to look on the other side ….and there I was….laughing and smiling …I could have kept on cribbing but I did not ..

Every situation has two sides ..You cannot keep on looking at one …you need to look at the other side as well !! And then ..its YOU who need to choose which side you would like to stick to

In a nutshell: LIFE IS ALL ABOUT LOOKING ON BOTH SIDES AND CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONE …. soooo..evryone choose the right side (correct i mean ) and be happy always ..even in traffic jams


There they come again ..I am smacked yet again by these weird thoughts !!
I don’t know from where do I attract them….and not only do they dwell in but they also multiply encumbering other thoughts which is not at all normal.
Seeing their flourishing rate I often wonder what do they get in here to breed on :)
Anyway, before these weird thoughts clog all my other thoughts and make me weird I better squiggle them on this post and make some room for normal thoughts !!!
Zillions of apologies for spreading these weird thoughts through my blog.
Well,this time the weird thought is ..MIRRORS !Had a haircut recently ..Sitting on the hot seat I had nothing to gaze at except ..
1. Cosmetic Bottles and tubes (Which don’t lure me )
2. My Face (Which I am bored of already )
3. Pieces of hair (they make me compare the time they took to be of that length and the time the barber took to recklessly detach them from their roots…making me feel sad so I dont look at them either !! )
Soooo I had nothing to look at except the MIRROR and there a weird thought struck ..WHAT IF DIFFERENT KIND OF MIRRORS HAD TO SAY SOMETHING …. Here they go ..

FAMILY MIRRORS : “OH no !! not you again ! I am bored seeing the same ol faces.. since ages ! Come on I want a change !!!! ”

THE SIDE VIEW MIRRORS OF A CAR: “For god sake …..Can anybody tell me the formula to calculate the actual distance of these vehicles !!! Everytime I see vehicle coming closer it makes me jump out of my skin …when the reality is…those vehicles are miles apart !! ”

THE REAR VIEW MIRROR : “Can I ever see the lady of the family…coz Ive never”

MIRRORS IN THE LIFT :”These humans !! when they enter the lift in groups ..none of them dares to look at me ..and even if they do … they just give me a quick fleeting peek. BUT BUT BUT !!! When they are alone must see their confidence !!! they look nowhere except me” .


BASE MIRRORS IN SHOE SHOP : “Damn it …Can you ever show me your face !!! Feet can’t be the only distinguishing factor OK..How will I know whoz who ?? “

MIRROR IN LADIES LOO : “Hey you guys !! they have no offence when we stare at them whenever wherever !!!! Now just stop burning !! ”

MIRRORS IN GENTS LOO: “We know that its been said that ..only ladies fuss about their looks …BUT we know what the reality is …so we don’t believe the statement . ”

AISHWARYA’s MIRROR : “ I know about that pimple which is beneath those layers of foundation ” .

MIRROR WITHIN YOU : ” Firstly ..there are a very select few who are aware of our presence ! and even if they are ..they never carry what we have shown them ! Its really unfair on our part !! you all accept and carry what the above mirrors show you ..then how can you just suppress and overlook what we have shown you.You are never your true self which we have seen !!!!
All the above mirrors will show …when you look at them but we are with you forever …its just that ignore us !!!
When will you listen to us !! Stop acting for the sake of world !!. Be what you are !!! Show your true self.
Do us some justice you poor humans !!!! We know its Hard !!! but it’s a challenge “

GULP !!! HUSH !!! that it !!! I made some room for other thoughts now !BUT BUT be ready for more !!!