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Interesting Derivation ...

I read two axioms today...

1. A woman dresses up to impress men.
2. A woman’s wardrobe is characterized by pinks and floral prints.

Read them again ...
Firstly do you agree to the two ?
If you dont, then read furthur...
Secondly just think what u can derive after you combine these two ???
If you cant then read furthur ....

As you aaaalll know that I have a bad habit to think over any crap,I thought over these two axioms and came up with an interesting analysis....

Women dresses up to impress men.
As for me, currently this axiom is a holy shit as I never wear anything to impress anyone!!!
But, But,But  if I think generically this cliché  is absolutely TRUE .
I remember my aunt saying once while buying a saree “Owww! I like this this color but your uncle doesn’t :(  so I wont opt for  this one”
One of my roommate once said “I know, I wear this top like a thousand times !!Actually I hate it but my boyfriend loves it “ 
and everytime I shouted mutely …“Hellow ladies ..Have you just lost your LIKES and DISLIKES ??"
 But NOW as I think over it I realize that they are just trying to make the person happy whom they love.So god forbid who knows one fine day i MIGHT  think the same ??
Anyways as for now I completely agree with this line …WOMEN DO DRESS UP TO IMPRESS MEN.
I hope you agree with it too .Now lets move on to...

Axiom 2
A woman’s wardrobe characterized by pinks and floral prints.
NO OBJECTIONS for this one too .
Maximum girls do have pinks and floral tops !!
I hope you agree with this one too.

But NOW NOW NOW  if i combine 1 and 2 this is what I derive…
That means its actually GUYS who like PINKS AND FORAL PRINTS !!

So its Guys who are pink lover and flower admirers be it on women or whatever ....
But lookig at these axioms this is what I can say ...

If you deny this analysis than one of the axiom goes wrong  and if one of the axiom goes wrong then you are arguing the toss n saying that sun rises from west !!!

WHAT SAY GUYS(the pink/flower lovers :) )  ???? and girls support me.

P.S : What if I go furthur and say its guys who are soft n emotional and its gals who are rough !!!
P.P.S :Dare if anybody calls me crrazzzzzy dot need to tell the thing I already know ;)