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YUM UFF..Whose en ..whose out..whatever !! {MF Hussain}

Read about MF Hussain.Read both the sides ..For and Against.

Speaking about MF as an artist I am a nobody to comment on his work.He is one of the masters of his own field and the awards and accolades he has brought for India speak of his forte.I can't speak also because I haven't seen all of his paintings and I cant speak also coz I dont know under which circumstances he has drawn those paintings as I read that he has also painted against British rulers during the pre Independence period.

But speaking about MF Husain as a person, I cannot help,but say that he is an irresponsible citizen of India.He should have realised that, if his paintings are harming the nation's integrity or creating unrest amongst some particular community, then there is no point making such paintings .But but but instead of realising this,he continued to pinch the same community again and again. Hence all these consequences have followed.

I know that an artist has freedom of expression,but a commercial and world reknown artist like MF should definitely keep his audience in mind while painting and just cant allow his mind go any where.I mean, even while writing this blog a novice and noone like me thinks ..what my followers will like and what they'll not (though they r not many) then why someone like MF cant?
Doesnt he want to make his audience happy ??And if he paints something inspite of knowing that it will make most of his audience sad then he should be fine to digest all kinds of reactions and either stop making a fuss of those reactions or stop making such kind of paintings.According me its a nature's rule that one can spread sadness for long, and if MF thinks that he'll make hindus sad by painting these then he is not apt for the 'survival of the fittest' racein India .Deriving happiness from someone's sadness is utterly inhumane.

Now I (we hindus) know that depicting nudity is not obscene..I (we) am (are) that mature enough. I (we hindus) know that it is the purest suit ,one was born with and I (we hindus) have no problem gods being showed nude some temples we do have them shown nude..but what I (we hindus) object is MF Hussain's own concepts of nudity and the intentions with which he makes a character nude ..Now acc. to him ....

Clothed : Love/I have no problems : : Nude : hatered/I have problems !!!

Now, this is something I (we) truely object ..he simply cannot let us imbibe these concepts-of-his through his paintings ..I (we hindus) are absolutely not going to tolerate that !Hence all the incidences against MF have followed !


In 2006 MF quit the 'survival of the fittest' race in India and went to have a race somewhere else..(London<->Dubai)...It should have been a matter over for India.Now let him get a quatarian citizenship or Mangolian one ..we dont care ..He has done his part for India (his other non controvercial paintings)and we have done ours (conferred him with Padma Bhushan,Padma Vibhushan,Raja Ravi Varma etc) so its a win-win and theres no point chewing over the same chapter again and again ! India will gain nothing as far as I can see unless there is some political relevance whichI cant see :(
(I absolutely have no views on what govt should have done ! What it shouldn't have and what it has done!)I just know one thing that there is no point in thinking of bringing MF back or even discussing over it ..or cribbing over how Indians have reacted and how they should have !( I know I shouldnt have written this blog either ;) ;) ) .But seriously theres no point pulling the same thread again and again..

-His official website has been Forbidden in India.
-His wikipedia information has been changed (Indian born Quatarian artist)
-He has accepted the citizenship already.
-He is 92 year old quataran now and there is no point having differences amongst we fellow Indians over him.India is a young country and should move on to other much more important issues.

Now ..if he again says that 'you can move MF out of India but cannot move India out of MF'..then I'll say Mr. MF, first behave like a responsible Indian.We would proudly like to own your works ..provided they are sensible and appealing to all audience!You can come back and spend your last days on your very own land provided you and your paintings venerate that land and every single being living on it !If yes ...then you r welcome !!

P.s : Hey wait u know...u were on Kasturi's blog and simply can't leave the blog so serious!!!  So allow me to bring the notorious me back..My mind simply cannnooot sustain such serious thougts ...u all know :)...So now what this Kasturi has to say about MF ????? "Arey,LET GO !! At least he thought n knew a great deal about our gods and godesses !!! Now how many of you even think or know about his ?? An artist's only prolog so serfound thoughts get converted into his paintings I am happy that even in his profoundest thoughts he thinks about our Gods :) :)..So LEAVE and let (him) live wherever he is :) :) ...Now 20 maoists have stolen 60 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate beware"

Ps Ps : You know What I did ..shhhhh .....I saved a copy of MF's semi nude Bharat Mata and dressed her in paint and signed as KS :) ha ha ha (ya,I knw I am nuts :) )!!