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MUSIC -Today I have started.

  • One fine day a small little girl (me) of 10 takes  the utensils in the house and starts playing them like a tabla.
  • An ideal mom (my mom) sees that as an interest and puts her in the tabla class with  great dream of seeing her as a great tabla percussionist.
  • The girl attends the class .. without knowing whats passion of music.
  • She reguarly attends the class ..does no riyaz ..practices tabla only when moms scolds or mom forces or only when exams are five exams and one fine day without any regret ...leaves the class and feels absolutely nothing.
  • For the next 4-5 years Tabla is out of her life..She is off to a different city busy with her academics..with exams.THE TABLA WAITS...
  • One fine day she listens to a  classical concert in the college  and tears roll down her eyes.
  • She realizes what a treasure she has with her. She realizes ...what great opportunity she has missed ...not everyone gets a chance to learn an instrument.
  • But academic responsibility,expectations overcomes this realisation...moreover later when she starts earning this realisation dies....THE TABLA STILL WAITS.
  • The girl grows up ..tries to discover herself ...tries to understand what life is.. she understands what passion is ..and realises that tabla was never her passion but beats and music was a thing without which her life was incomplete.
  • She realises that still music was the thing which was closest to her heart.
  • She realizes that music is what makes her happy.
  • Music is what makes her realize her existence.
  • Music is that which takes her to all the existing worlds in the universe.
  • Music is what brings tears in her eyes without any reason.
  • Music is what brings a smile on her face without any reason.
  • Music is what makes her wait while she is talking..eating...even shopping.
  • Music is what makes her continue what she doesnt like.
  • Music is what makes her feel lonely even when she is surrounded by near and dear ones.
  • Music is what fills up her life even when no ones around.
  • Music is what makes her realize every emotion 
  • She knows that when no one would be there would be music.

But material responsibilities ,expectations, hopes and being in a human body holds her back...and she is still moving on with her life without recognizing the love for the music especially the beats.

But Today she feels that this isnt fair for her life..she has got only one and it is then , that she writes  this blog :)

From Today I will dedicate some of her daily time at least thinking over it or playing it or even dreaming about it an never let music or the beats die out in me.

Today i have taken the first step to learn one uthaaaan from the net ...

TeKita Dha | TeKita Dha |
Te Kita  Te Kita  Te Kita Dha |
Dha Teeta dhi Teeta  Ka Ta Ga di gana dha |
Ka ta ga di gana  KaSSta Dha
Dha Teeta dhi Teeta Ka Ta Ga di gana dha (9)