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4 am massacre

This event probably would never make it up to the headlines ..neither would it fulfill the cheap criteria of being featured as breaking news on any one of the news channel . It will go unheard and unnoticed ..but my blogspot wont let that happen..Ill try to give full justice to that dreadful even which happened right in front of my eyes…Yes I saw it happen..

When the world was sleeping they were awake.
When the world was dormant ..their activities were at peak.
When the whole world was snoring ..they were quietly amuggling things.
When the whole world was still ..Afraid of no one they were carelessly roving here and there.
Darkness did not terrorize them.It did not limit their vision.It did not make them feel sleepy..
In a nut shell Darkness did not matter them and as usual everything went on very smoothly…

But with a flash of light that day everything got devastated.Everybody at sight was killed..Absolutely nobody was spared.Seniors,Adults,Kids..even the newborns weren’t spared.In a few minutes their innocent existing world became extinct.Ruthlessly and Recklessly many were bombarded with harmful gases like imiprophrin and cypermathrin.Many were crushed under great crushers and many were left with major injuries.Finally All the dead and injured bodies were collected and thrown in the Dustbin.

(Now don’t be surprised..YES its dustbin) . The innocentswhom I am talking about are COCKROACHES ,the killer is me myself and the place is my Kitchen!!!

One fine dawn @ 4 am I woke up for a glass of water..I switched on the light to see my kitchen being ruled by these miniscule creatures Thirst could be quenched later but opportunity to kill sooo many at a time wouldn’t have come later.SO at once I picked up HIT (Btw my blog is not promoting it !!) and sprayed as n wherever possible to kill hundreds(Mind you hundreds should’nt make you think that we rommies stay filthy ..but these unavoidable creatures you see !!).Finally ,when the HIT made me feel ..a cockroach myself . I left it and singled up a broom.And crash …smash..whack I went killing many at once .

After a few minutes game when I saw no movement around. I was damn elated.I felt like a great achiever .I felt as If I was some great conquerer .I was so happy that..if at that point of time .. I had a flag in my hand for sure I would ve hoisted it …:) :)

After the thumping victory I turned to go back..but just to have a glance of the battlefield I looked around ..and there tring.. ring… ring… ring.. ring I saw one more !!! staring at me as if to say !! ”When your nuclear weapons cannot can you kill us !! …I wished as if I could strangle their throats ..pull out their antennae …pluck out the 5 legs and tow it with its 6th leg to the dustbin..

but I knew that after all this more would pop up ..My corner of the mind shouted that “you’ve lost” but like the fox for whom the grapes turned sour .. I thought . Why hould I get restless ..just bcoz I couldn’t kill any body …Why …that’s not my job ..its God ‘s .

So remembering the thirst again I drank water and went straight to the bed sparing each one on my way back with a principle in mind “LIVE AND LET LIVE. !!!!” .