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When I ask you ..whom do you bestow your blind faith upon…Pat! Aren’t the answers like Parents?? Wife ?Books?God? Self ? ? Well then read furthur….
     Waaaaiiiiii …tttt I screamed seeing the lift doors just about to close and  in fraction of a second I risked my only life by putting my hand in between the attracting doors  .The sensors did their work and the doors repelled . I heaved a sigh of relief seeing myself inside the lift !
        During the 5 floor elevator journey..just a weird thought ran down my weird mind…”How blindly I had relied on the sensors…!!! How could I ? I had never thought about their failure at all !!! What if the sensors had given away !!! …And then a perilous picture flashed in front of my eyes ….and TADAAAA it was then I realized that man has his blindest faith on technology !! We never ever doubt it ..we NEVER doubt technology!! Annnd as the zeroth floor arrived …instances of blind faith just flowed in my mind !!!

Nut Bolts:  We people are so damn sure that they’ll hold the big machines ensemble.While fixing a tyre of your car do you ever think "What if these nut bolts give away while i am driving?? NEVER ….you know that they are going to hold your tyre tight !! You soo verrrry blindly rely on them..                                                                                                                                                   While sitting in the aeroplane do we ever worry about that small nut holding the shaft of the fan in the propeller ??NO ! NEVER..coz we soo blindly rely on that little thing.

Ctrl S and Ctrl Z: What strong faith do we have on these buttons !! Do we ever think while pressing ’save’ or ‘undo’ whether they’ll work or not ?? After some words when we press CTRL+S do we ever go and check whether those words are actually saved or not ? Never…we are dead sure that the file is saved or the changes are undone.

Gas Knob: Have you ever thought that you were risking your only life.. when in morning ..with half open eyes you fiddle with the gas knob to make the tea ??? Never.. coz you believe that its implied to work fine! Right ??

Main Switch : How easily we switch off the main switch and start struggling with those dangerous circuits being dead-sure that the main switch is off and nothing adverse is bound to happen.Why? Why ?

Send message: After seeing 'message sent'on your mobile screen are u tensed whether the msg has been actually sent or not??Do u everytime go and check the 'sent message' folder???Noooo . So damn belief u have on the technology !

Alarm: While scheduling the alarm do we ever doubt it ?? Do we go sleepless being tensed wether the alarm will ring or not ??No ??Right ??We know once it is scheduled …its gonna ring !! 

There are soooo mannnnnyyyy instances ……

Just think about the faith of…
        Sky divers on their Parachutes .
        People on the roller coaster.  
        Suicide bomber on the bomb tied to him :)   
        Astronauts on their space ship.

        Patients on their medicines.

        Adventurers on their torches …
On and on the list goes …Sooo many instances of faith there are ....

These things have continually served us and will always serve us…U know WHYYY ??? ...Just coz we so blindly have faith in them,they kind of.. consider their moral responsibility to serve us so faithfully(I know thats a personification but you all know I am mad;)) …
Ok now just imagine ..
If faith can work such wonders  then why cant we try it on people(now come on i am not talking about strangers …)but at least your acquaintances …the ppl whom we know..Have faith guys ..have faith...they will serve you ......
what say ???