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Just read a mail on earth hour initiatives promoted by NITIE..and then my wierdly fertile mind yielded out some deviant and strange thoughts which i cant hold back lemme scribble them and trouble you :)
                                                           SCARE THEM
Go green,Green Building, Save the earth,talk and walk, eco friendly  this…eco this that …OMG OMG !!
All these activities – YES  but are any of these pushing anyone to repair the ever leaking or rather ever flowing tap in shiroli,a small village in India ? and I am pretty sure there must be thousands and millions taps like these in the world. Are any of these initiatives pushing Ms Tina in Hiranandani complex to stop using superfluous amount of water while bathing ? Are any of these initiatives pushing meee to switch off the lights at night before sleeping ? BIG NO !
These initiatives are absolutely fine ! But absolutely NOT ENOUGH !! All these activities are perceived as tasks, responsibilities.Someone somewhere orders you and then you have to follow them…and then we harp that we are trying to save the earth.
            Such initiatives will come and go but when will each man HIMSELF feel from within to save the mother earth. Lemme also tell the answer ..”NOT VERY SOON” Then how do you make him feel ???  Mission Impossible 
Then what do you do ? He he he…SCARE ! SCARE HIM !
SUPERSTITIONS  ! Yes …create amazing superstitions ?
Superstitions are great drivers …Superstitions exsist in all the countries in some or the other form. Superstitions are eternal. Action over a superstations does not require much of an effort. Man follows superstitions without questioning.
The superstations can be :
“If light and fan remains switched ON while nobody is there in the room the last person to leave becomes poor ”
“If computer remains ON for more than 3 hours then the owner gets a shock in coming days “
 “If one does not plant 3 trees in a year then his/her child is born blind”
You can go on and on..
I know you would be smiling or wondering that this is insane ! but inducing actually fear works. No advertising is required or no one has to push us.
Fear is one of the basic natures in humans. Fear is one of the basic reasons why thoughts get converted into actions. Man always lives with a sense of fear. Then why not exploit it?
Even today we praise our ancestors for some of the intelligent superstitions they left for us.
Then why not follow the same and gather at least some praises coz I am sure our future generations are going to curse us big time ! coz ..
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.  ~Native American Proverb