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From NO to YES

Guys before you start reading the actual post let me clarify some things...

I absolutely have no idea why i am writing this post
I also dont know who told me to write it then
I dont feel that anybody will understand what i have written...
In case if anybody does....lucky you will be eligible to apply in NSA (National Security Agency, America) to crack those mysterious codes ;) lol.
Guys, Its neither a poetry nor a prose...i dont know what it is
Maybe it is my mind's lingo....
I know i am sounding insane but i cant stop my mind from thinking
n ya.....please dont unfollow me after reading this insane sometimes happens to the wierd inside me :)
so bear with me this time n here i go......

                                                           From NO to YES
Woman of substance u think are you ?
I shouted quietly n asked myself once...

Being surprised as to why on earth the question asked
i waited for myself getting an answer was not at all an easy task

Memories flashed n events recollected..
Remembered the successes n mistakes were highlighted

Every moment of life was analysed
and finally there came an answer

YES and NO
Yes was welcome but NO disturbed the core

I couldnt ask myself - "Why the damn NO?"
coz I myself already knew the reson for that answer so

Disgusted by the reasons for that damn NO
I cursed the real culprit fragile and uncontrollable mind
which was of my very very own.

When gloomy n doomy all i was
the 'YES' which lingered in the background suddenly popped up and said

'Dont sulk my dear..for you i am always there'
Together we will turn stones and make a way for the damn NO
to go forever go away..

Happily i agreed with an optimism gushing out..
here i am talking the support of the YES to knock the NO out.

Now I know few days later when i will ask the same question
Woman of substance u think are you ?

I know pat the answer will come "YES YES YES'

P.S : you are free to post your interpretations ....provided u have time... as i have no itentions to waste your time on this :)


Ya.. I know that hardwork goes in for preparation for CAT and all those mba entrances n I am ready to slash my butter...but preparing for the exams is not an easy task least not after leaving the job at hand.There are so many thoughts which interfere in the midst of all those mathemtical calculations and gramatical rules .Sometimes they are the anxiety of future.Sometimes its about the lonelyness in the room around.Sometimes its about the view of the goal.Sometimes its about the stupid fights and arguements with the family members and sometimes its like a blank filled with vacuum of melancholy.

Sometimes the thoughts made me MAD...It was really very essential to divert those thoughts I thought why not just jot them down....and get rid of them at once. But to jot them down in form of words made me think of them more ..and was time consming as i decided to use ms-paint and let and let my mind heres the way my mind flowed........


This was when I just started studing for CAT and the goal seemed a looooooooooong looooonnng way.


This was when I started studying seriously and was on the way towards my goal :) and facing whatever came on my it a LOD (Level of difficulty)-III sum or a bouncer RC (Reading comprehension).


This was when I got a good marks in the SIM CAT for the first time ..The marks reflected my hardwork :)


This waas when I had a BIG FIGHT @ home this was my mind post Fight....I felt like winding up everything and everyone.I felt like screaming and screeching ..Thankfully I just painted and did none of those :) wont believe ..this is an amazing method to cool down when you are angry
Firstly you loose nothing infact u gain one more painting in your picture gallery :) and when you look back you smile instead of frowning an getting those bad memories.


This was when one fine day I felt very very very very raised to infinity ..LONELY.The vastness of the world crept in me.I could see no one around me. i dint feel lost ..i felt as if god created only me. Yukky feeling was that ..but after I paintng was wasnt only me but me and my paintaing !! and I smiled :)

                                                                       THE WAIT

This is the present state of my mind. I am eagerly waiting for the results 22 Jan.
I am ready to plunge in the world of success ....:)

Gwaaaaaadddd Help me n guys wish me luck :)