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Being a Tom boy , rarely when I tell my collegues “that Guy is  nice na ..or he’s cool na ”they stare at me with appreciation and say Hmmm“ D Girl’s Improving !!”
But people today..i declare i am in love with him..Madly in lov e with him :) So here goes…for what I feel. 

4 years has real been a long time dear,
But nw my feeling 4 you have bcome crystal clear.

 I can surely tell you that its not your success or money,
But I can’t tell you what exactly I look in you honey.

You win or you loose I don’t care,
But my love will always be there 4 you, I do swear.

Unlike millions, I watched you from a distance and observed your every move and stance,
for sure, this love has been tough and is not a matter of luck by chance.

I know there were and will be many like you,
But I dint or will not love them as I love YOU.

I very well know that you are married,
But my feelings for you cannot be buried.

I also know that soon you are going to be dad,
But that doesn’t make me bit also sad.

Now I know ..I’ll seem shameless to quite a Few,
But what will I do…FEDRER I really LOVE YOU.

FEDRER I love YOU,I love YOU,I love YOU,
People do add MADLY above in front of every YOU.

Yesterday’s match was awesome !! I thought that it would be a onsided match and Fedrer would just wash away all the games.But RODDIK no doubt gave a tough fight and dint make people miss NADAL. 
Anyways, about my love…what I like in him… 
Nope its not his super duper Forehand crosscourt.
Nope its not his graceful singlehanded backhand.
Nope its neither his aces.
And it isn’t his stylish volleys as well.
Its his silence on court, his calmness on court, his cool even when he does a mistake, his serenity inspite of a beauty shot.
The thing which awes me is his control on emotions during the match …no doubt he bursts out and openly shows his emotions after the match but  that’s OK ..thats cool too (You know girls like crying men
But seeing him transcend from a person who broke two rackets in every match to person he is today is really unbelievable.
(I saw a documentary on him ..The way he has worked on it is really great..a lot of mental hardwork has gone behind that ).
Rather than learning shots and the strokes ..learning to control emotions in front of our opponet is much more harder!!!
(We must learn that too
No doubt…that guy’s silence Speaks  and I love those words…. 
Whatever !!!!…… (Nobody asked me to give  reasons right !! )
CONGRATS for the win FEDRER !!! ( Even if you had lost yesterday..I would have posted this poem !! So chill as usual man  . You know I LOVE YOU …AND THAT TOO MADLY…….
:) )

P.S : Sorry for that Mirca (his wife)..You got to accept that !!