Please Give Them Back

Tough is the time when A spoon in one hand
Dodgoing the semolina naughty,
Mobile in other
Trying hard to catch the british accent of a JPMC officer
Exlplaining the technical requirements plenty

Just then, By mistake  I don’t know why I turn back
And there at a close distance  I see the diminutive  little fly
eyeing and hovering and ready for an ambush
On the delicious red cut half of the watermelon
Its then when  I plead for just a thing to thee o Lord.

Tough is the time when
A Pot  of water on the head
A pail in one hand
And a bundle of hay in the other

Just then, By mistake  I don’t know why I turn back

And my 2 year old has picked up a half monkey eaten 
Dust laden guava from the ground 
Its then when  I plead for just a thing to thee o Lord

Tough is the time when 
To reach the college I get into the bus 
With books  in one hand 
Purse in the other 
Trying hard to hold the pole of the bus or the holder

Just then, By mistake  I don’t know how 

My Dupatta just slips down my shoulder 
Its then when  I plead for just a thing to thee o lord

I Pray to thee oh lord not for once but many times like these
I pray  not just for  me but for all the women around me
I pray not for young , nor for old 
Nor for rich nor poor but for all
I know it will be difficult to accept but the need of hour would definitely compensate

You made us multitasking and so are we 
You made us play many roles and so do we 

So Why thee  thinketh so much O lord

We think this is the only thing we lack
Please Please Please  


Meet you BEYOND

Neither a poem nor a prose ..just my heart that i pour.
Reh always liked my randomness n so I will continue it ..
The following lines are another example of my randomness ..
I know ‘she’ will read this one too !!


Coz it knew she would be waiting eagerly for it
..That gushing wind turned its way, just to flow through her beautiful hair

Coz they knew she would wait to admire their fall
..Those old ocher leaves held on to the branches till she passed under the tree

Coz no one else had owned and enjoyed them the way she did
..The books in that overladen rack secretly fought among themselves to draw her single glance 

Coz they very well knew how to impress her and make her lost in them
..Those thumping waves sang a different tune for her as she sauntered along the shore

Coz they knew she would smile and tap the leaf to split them into many
...The dew drops on that little fresh green leaf got ready

Coz it knew she would forget everything around and let it kiss her supple skin
...That steam oozing from the piping hot tea carried a different warmth for her

Coz it new her smile was much brighter than its sunshine
..The thoughtful sun had given up competing with her  

Her words were infatuating
That silence of her noisy
Those eyes were vivacious 
That gave hopes and dreams
Her smile was serene
That made everything feel alright
Every discussion with her was deep
To be Itched on the discs of heart forever

Her hand on my shoulder
And simple nod was enough
Her being with me made a difference
And her not being too 
She liked me running
And So will I

She was my key
A key to the world that was creative and colourful
A world that was happy
A world where smiles were true and words had real meanings
A world free of judgments ,free of expectations
And full of enriching experiences

That key is lost somewhere
Somewhere ..where the place is right
And I don’t want to find any keymaker 
Coz there cant be an another ‘She’

Reh you you beyond !!!

Black and White or Grey

Times are when Black is black and White is White 
You feel you are in happy state and a better plight

But what you clearly see is

The world around is grey
and that’s how it will stay

You think something wrong with you
Your oddity starts troubling you  
Changing the glasses is the solution
Is what you think and blink

Now the picture becomes clear
And you see yourself in grey
You realize that black and white was an illusion

But now,the pail tumbles
And everything is commotion

Black and white or grey
Which you should choose you think
There’s no point standing on this brink
Anxiety, nervousness,worry and fear
 is that you see allover here

Immidiely you kick the pail and change the glasses
And think
Even though its an illusion
Black is black and white is white
And you better be in this plight


Sorry guys this post isn't my regular idiotic one.

When i say innovation ..pleople give a smirk and say 'GAS' but I truly believe and have experienced that controlled and disciplined innovation does have a SUBSTANCE !

Today morning read a post by Meenaks on innovation framework.
Got inspired and hence this post.

Over the 1.5 years in Welingkar Business Design  my biggest takeaway is "learning to build up upon ideas" so I thought why not build up Meenaks  on suggested framework.(Research -> Resolve-> Reuse)

My framework is as follows ( from whatever projects i have done in class of @Welbd)

Rephrase -> Research-> Rejections and suggestions->Resolve -> prototype-> Reuse

Rephrase:  Its been seen that a solution for one problem, creates other problems..we are problem creators. In order to mitigate this trend, it’s very very important to know what problem one is addressing. Hence rephrasing an issue/need gap into a proper definition explaining what the innovation is aimed at,is extremely essential.

Research :  Normally  humans (inc. me ;)) have a bad habit of jumping to design solutions once the idea is struck. But one must understand that this world/system is in existence much before you were, so most of the times THE idea is already thought of or THE solution is already being designed.It is important for us to discover if idea/solution already exists. If it is , then don’t get depressed you can always build up and come up with upgradation/improvisation of that idea.If  the idea isn’t implemented then u can smile and run shouting “Eureka Eureka”.
                Research on relevant technology is essential.Research of which domains have solved similar problem(Cross domain approach) is essential.

Rejections and suggestions : According to me, innovation happens the best in teams. It requires multiple views , counterviews, suggestions and rejections .So if you have an idea discuss with your friends or collegues or experts and have multiple ideas for the same issue/needgap. Third party views and newcomer views often gives a different dimension to the idea.

Reconstruct: Once you have multiple ideas reconstruct your original idea considering all the views and come up with a foolproof concept.

Resolve : .Once you have a concept ready, implemention is involved in this stage. It could be full-fledged implementation or pilot or prototype.

Reuse : According to Meenaks The reuse stage involves “marketing” the innovation to others in the company (i would say society here ) for further adoption.

P.S People who want to build up on this framework are welcome to :)

Duniya ka naara...zame raho

6.30 am ...(Actually its quite late ..but atleast she would like to think its 6.30 ;) its her life after all and her time ;) ) 'who cares about her uncombed hair and these dusty stairs she thought...she tried blowing the dust off the stairs but air was already pregnant with the moist so the dust din't budge !
She looked at the today's news paper  and without even giving a thought she spread it on the stairs and sat on top of the happenings of the world !!

'If i think too much about the world the smoking hot coffee in the mug will get cold 'she thought.
She cupped the hot mug with both the hands and allowed the transfer of the warmth..but the cool air hit her eye lid forcing her to open her eyes !

It disturbed her while she was listening to "Kyun hawa aj yun gaa rahi hai" (veer zara)
She looked out of the window...the slashing rain was hitting the new born leaves, the ocher dried leaves, the yellow taxi tops,the brown puddles...the red silver helmets..the dull grey road !

 'What d F'.She thought  'what is she doing here on stairs..shouldnt the rain hit on her dry and uncombed hair also ? and shouldnt she be in some mountains n valley n jungle n grasslanenjoying the rain ?' she cribbed ! 'Oh then what would happen to the coffee which was still hot ..only for her !' she thought and consoled her mind and ordered  it to be happy the way things were!' She was super happy that the next two songs in her playlist were 'Boondon se batein' and 'Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat' She thought of lowering the frequency of her sips so that the coffee  could last till the two songs got over.
but suddenly the next song she saw 'Duniya ka nara zame raho !' suddenly she jolted back !

'All the case studies n schedules n never ending 'to do' list flashed in front of her eyes'

She paused the current song ..gulped her coffee in one off her a#* from the stairs ..dusted the newspaper ...closed the window ..ran up the stair and moved on ...

Outside,the rain still kept on hitting the new born leaves, the ocher dried leaves, the yellow taxi tops,the brown puddles...the red silver helmets..the dull grey road and

Inside it kept on hitting on the corner of her mind !

P.S : the she is meeee ...i know you would have already guessed that ;)


Just read a mail on earth hour initiatives promoted by NITIE..and then my wierdly fertile mind yielded out some deviant and strange thoughts which i cant hold back lemme scribble them and trouble you :)
                                                           SCARE THEM
Go green,Green Building, Save the earth,talk and walk, eco friendly  this…eco this that …OMG OMG !!
All these activities – YES  but are any of these pushing anyone to repair the ever leaking or rather ever flowing tap in shiroli,a small village in India ? and I am pretty sure there must be thousands and millions taps like these in the world. Are any of these initiatives pushing Ms Tina in Hiranandani complex to stop using superfluous amount of water while bathing ? Are any of these initiatives pushing meee to switch off the lights at night before sleeping ? BIG NO !
These initiatives are absolutely fine ! But absolutely NOT ENOUGH !! All these activities are perceived as tasks, responsibilities.Someone somewhere orders you and then you have to follow them…and then we harp that we are trying to save the earth.
            Such initiatives will come and go but when will each man HIMSELF feel from within to save the mother earth. Lemme also tell the answer ..”NOT VERY SOON” Then how do you make him feel ???  Mission Impossible 
Then what do you do ? He he he…SCARE ! SCARE HIM !
SUPERSTITIONS  ! Yes …create amazing superstitions ?
Superstitions are great drivers …Superstitions exsist in all the countries in some or the other form. Superstitions are eternal. Action over a superstations does not require much of an effort. Man follows superstitions without questioning.
The superstations can be :
“If light and fan remains switched ON while nobody is there in the room the last person to leave becomes poor ”
“If computer remains ON for more than 3 hours then the owner gets a shock in coming days “
 “If one does not plant 3 trees in a year then his/her child is born blind”
You can go on and on..
I know you would be smiling or wondering that this is insane ! but inducing actually fear works. No advertising is required or no one has to push us.
Fear is one of the basic natures in humans. Fear is one of the basic reasons why thoughts get converted into actions. Man always lives with a sense of fear. Then why not exploit it?
Even today we praise our ancestors for some of the intelligent superstitions they left for us.
Then why not follow the same and gather at least some praises coz I am sure our future generations are going to curse us big time ! coz ..
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.  ~Native American Proverb


You have no clue how much elated i am to post this after such a loooooonnnnggg time.
You have no idea how much my hanky got wet when i pressed the edit post button
I am bacccckkkkk !!!
I have manny things to post about ..Mumbai,my lost mobile, the local, my classmates, my exams, my teachers,emotions and many more ...but hold on your horses .

Lemme post what i feel strongly now :)
Again a disclaimer ..its not a poem  n neither a prose i dont know what it is ..n dont ask me i wont be able to.
Dont try to find the rhyme scheme ...there isnt any :)

With horizon in my eyes
Spreading my wings
Taking a leap
I wanna fly high

Looking down at the earth
I wanna laugh at my past
Taking a turn then
I wanna get lost

Soaring in the sky
Over the unknown sea
I wanna befriend the waves
And make lotta noise

Then succumbing to the gravity
With speed I wanna fall
Getiing hit by the breeze
I wanna get tired

Then Sitting at the coast
Listening to the splash
Feeling the cold breeze
I wanna feel my dear ones near.

(Thats what my classsmates call me :) ..theres a story behind each one ...will have a post about them too ;) )

Dear Moradian Sir

This post is regarding a lecture @ Welingkar's foundation fortnight.So I apologise to my non Welingkar readers if they are not able to connect :(

“Don’t miss Moradian Sir’s session! He will make you forget to go to the loo!!” said one of our seniors one day “Since then I had been eager to see who and how this Moradian fellow was ! I waited n waited to hear his name in next days speaker’s list. After the long wait on second last day of the fortnight they announced his name.I was super delighted…then they announced the time..8.30 -2.30..”Wahttt !!” I thought “Never ever sat in one place..for that loooong ..and that too on a Sunday!!”I panicked silently..feeling sad for my but*s :) But you see..'sala I had no CHOICE  na :) :)'

Next day when we entered the auditorium, the fair Parsi* was setting up his laptop.He was ½ n hr ahead of his time. The scene was like the guest speaker was welcoming the audience :) When laptop was checked..presentation was checked …very neatly n systematically he folded his sleeves ….drank the black tea and started off...and left us mesmerized for the next 6 hrs(the 5hr session turned out to be 6).

The 6 hrs session was simply awesome and awesome to such an extent that even 6 days after the lecture we friends kept speaking Moradian statements…in Moradian style :)(n we are going to continue with the style).

Now speaking about his session, amidst his patent words “Sala bastard”** n “bloody engineers” n “Bumboo Theory” n “join my competitor” n “I am a safe maaan” n “houy houy houy” etc (“Alana falana dimka”) we dint even realize that the “Babu” was injecting in us so many practical serious operational concepts and business fundas.He made us study those boring graphs..which thanks to him din’t seem boring at all. We “pappu–shappus” never even realized,when and how he made us look into those serious statistics and numbers and “Shhukss”……those formulas....they are surely itched in some lobe of my brain :)

In a very cute manner repeating “Its not that I am unemployed” n “I am a 60 year old young man” he told so many stories and so many facts and so many experiences which literally left us mesmerised. Unlike others, he left the jargon stuff behind and dragged us down to our basics…acc to him

Conventional Wisdom = ((Stupidity)^n)^infinity.In fact..I would love to call him ‘An Epitome of pragmatism’. And “Buoy oh buoy” after the fun learning..the icing on cake for us were the slideshows of Robert Cooper ……10 on 10 …no wait …… 9 on 10 …Moradian Sir’s lecture deserves 10 on 10 :)We never realized that 6 hrs had flew by..we were ready to let another 6 fly….if he was gonna speak.But there also “sala we dint have any choice naaa :)”

Some beautiful highlights,concepts and insights from Moradian Sir’s lecture.(I never want to forget them so I wrote them here :))

• Costomer is my CEO.

• Customer pays my salary.

• I am not slave of customer your own market.

• Make money NOW and IN FUTURE.

(He made us repeat these 4 lines atleast 5 times during the course of his lecture)

• Let the Europeans buy the latest technology...we must buy secondhand….CAREFULLY.

• Never automate for automation sake…automate for presicision.

• Don’t optimize everything.

• Design logically

• People perform on what is measured and how frequently its measured.

• Become a “Khandani chor” and not a “Chindi chor”…See where the big money lies.

• Variety does not reduce productivity.

• Learn catalogues.(Can you believe Moradian sir’s car has never experienced a speed of 110kmph just coz he had read the whole catalogue which said that the car performs best from 40-80 kmph!)

• Die Young late as possible (Mr Moradian called his hair as platinum hair..loved his attitude!)

He has coined some amazing terms …

• MBWA : Managing By Wandering Around

• GOYA : Get Off your Ass (“Bloody bastard !” he followed)

• Animal design theory

• Sugarcane juice wala attitude (I can still recollect him saying“You think its over,but then that bloody Bastard .. along with 4-5 makkhies does one more PAAAS“

“I am seriously planning to opt for operations now”Said many, as the lecture got over that day.

Mr Moradian,on that Sunday not only taught us operational fundas but taught us a VIEW he taught us LIFE and that too in Morrradian style!

Loved you sir…waiting to hear from you more :) :)

*Fair Parsi : Mr BM’s one core value : “He refuses to recognize a person by his gender,colour,caste,religion, creed..coz man had no choice for this..he was born that way” he believes.

**Bastard : He safely uses this word coz Bastard means “Son of the King who isn’t a Prince :) :)”

P.S :Guys who haven’t attended his session,pray for your chance..SERIOUSLY !!

P.P.S :I have started brushing my teeth twice a day coz Mr BM said “Sala tum apne body ka maintainence nahi kar sakte what maintainence will you do of your machines :) :) "

From NO to YES

Guys before you start reading the actual post let me clarify some things...

I absolutely have no idea why i am writing this post
I also dont know who told me to write it then
I dont feel that anybody will understand what i have written...
In case if anybody does....lucky you will be eligible to apply in NSA (National Security Agency, America) to crack those mysterious codes ;) lol.
Guys, Its neither a poetry nor a prose...i dont know what it is
Maybe it is my mind's lingo....
I know i am sounding insane but i cant stop my mind from thinking
n ya.....please dont unfollow me after reading this insane sometimes happens to the wierd inside me :)
so bear with me this time n here i go......

                                                           From NO to YES
Woman of substance u think are you ?
I shouted quietly n asked myself once...

Being surprised as to why on earth the question asked
i waited for myself getting an answer was not at all an easy task

Memories flashed n events recollected..
Remembered the successes n mistakes were highlighted

Every moment of life was analysed
and finally there came an answer

YES and NO
Yes was welcome but NO disturbed the core

I couldnt ask myself - "Why the damn NO?"
coz I myself already knew the reson for that answer so

Disgusted by the reasons for that damn NO
I cursed the real culprit fragile and uncontrollable mind
which was of my very very own.

When gloomy n doomy all i was
the 'YES' which lingered in the background suddenly popped up and said

'Dont sulk my dear..for you i am always there'
Together we will turn stones and make a way for the damn NO
to go forever go away..

Happily i agreed with an optimism gushing out..
here i am talking the support of the YES to knock the NO out.

Now I know few days later when i will ask the same question
Woman of substance u think are you ?

I know pat the answer will come "YES YES YES'

P.S : you are free to post your interpretations ....provided u have time... as i have no itentions to waste your time on this :)


One dear friend, some days ago said ‘You know what,I am going to call Mumbai as Bombay’ .I produced a fake smile(awkward discussion) and said ‘Ya sure u can! Bombay sounds much cooler !!’.’Oh nooo’ he said ‘Its not the question of acoustics.. i’ll do this with a purpose to hurt some elements in the society..” Now,me being in a mortal body,bound by stupid manmade boundries,and a certain instilled emotion called ‘feeling of belonging’ for a particular state(Maharashtra) made me feel a bit gloomy.
But then he quoted some facts and I was left with “AGREED BOSS..YOU CAN !!”

The facts were…

• Mumbai were soggy,desease-prone,deserted,wastelands and of no ones interest.

• First they were possessed by Sultan of Gujarat..he dint want them and passed these soggy islands to the Portuguese.

• The Portuguese dint want them either they gifted these islands to the British.

• The British were not that interested so they passed them on to East India Company.

• Parsees,Gujratis,Suratis and Bohris were the first ones to start trading from Mumbai.

• So Mumbai was never owned by they cant claim themselves as owners.

I absolutely agreed that history…But, But as I walked away thoughts ran in my mind !Question Marks started jumping !

If Parsees and Gujratis were the ones to start the trade, where were they when the city was being renamed??

I decided to dig in this some more ..I thought that I just cant keep gulp down history and sit quietly so I decided to clarify the present and came up with
second set of facts …

• Though Parsees and Gujratis were the first ones to land for trade the original inhabitants were Kolis (Marathi(dialect) speaking fishing community).

• Before Independence Bombay was a huge area even comprising of some of the princely states.In 1955 when Mahrashtra and Gujrat were split … Bombay Citizens' Committee, an advocacy group comprising of leading Gujarati industrialists lobbied for Bombay's independent status.

• There was a protest during the movement in which 105 people were killed by police.

• Bombay State was reorganised on LINGISTIC lines on 1 May 1960.

• Gujarati-speaking areas of Bombay State were partitioned into the state of Gujarat and Marathi speaking areas went to Maharashtra.

So I decided to call up my friend and tell him “Hey Mr …The Mumbai you see today was legally partitioned on the basis that....Majority were Marathi speaking public in that area ,at that time so Marathi people can legally claim the ownership.

BUT! BUT! BUT ! fortunately I DINT CALL ..(Thank God my weird mind thinks at least a gazillion times before speaking !)

Here is what I thought ....

"WHO ACTUALLY CARES ? “ Absolutely no one !!

Tommorow, if most of the locals start calling Mumbai as Bombay no one will pay a heed or
Tomorrow if most of the letters in the post office have address as ‘Bombay’ on them, it will absolutely make no difference to anybody.
Its only when people,somebody like Karan johar say Mumbai as Bombay a brouhaha will be created ...just because this can be taken up as a headline and certain elements can use this as a means to stay in news !!!

So all this ‘being in news by some or the other ways’ is all for political gains.

This name game and all region specific issues are just to polarize the society,divide their views and thoughts,highlight opinion difference among the citizens,strengthen their political sides and create unrest amongst we civilians.

So until and unless you become a somebody you are free to call MUMBAI as BOMBAY !!!

The only sad part is.. in this name game who are the real loosers are ? Its us, the Maharastrians whose wrong image is being sketched in front of others just because of the few of them. Today when I hear someone say “Maharashtrains aren’t co-operative or they are not of adjusting nature (just because of these few)”, IT PAINS …moreover we cannot counter them because some unwelcome events are testimony to what they say !

Its not that… I am not proud of Maharashtra or Marathi..Of Course I am ..TO THE CORE !!! ..but I don’t support the disgraceful things which are done in the name of it !

I don’t like the fake,typical image they have carved of that of a MARATHI MANOOS.

We are NOT all that BAD as we are pictured..I hope you all realize that when you come across the Marathis.

Now that you all have come across me let me say this “Peeeooopple, you are free to say anything reasonable to me coz I know no one cares ….What I care is and proud of is..that I know you and I hope you feel the same!” Be happy,Be safe,Njoy, Don’t get stuck in unnecessary issues :)

Happy Maharashtra Day



Interesting Derivation ...

I read two axioms today...

1. A woman dresses up to impress men.
2. A woman’s wardrobe is characterized by pinks and floral prints.

Read them again ...
Firstly do you agree to the two ?
If you dont, then read furthur...
Secondly just think what u can derive after you combine these two ???
If you cant then read furthur ....

As you aaaalll know that I have a bad habit to think over any crap,I thought over these two axioms and came up with an interesting analysis....

Women dresses up to impress men.
As for me, currently this axiom is a holy shit as I never wear anything to impress anyone!!!
But, But,But  if I think generically this cliché  is absolutely TRUE .
I remember my aunt saying once while buying a saree “Owww! I like this this color but your uncle doesn’t :(  so I wont opt for  this one”
One of my roommate once said “I know, I wear this top like a thousand times !!Actually I hate it but my boyfriend loves it “ 
and everytime I shouted mutely …“Hellow ladies ..Have you just lost your LIKES and DISLIKES ??"
 But NOW as I think over it I realize that they are just trying to make the person happy whom they love.So god forbid who knows one fine day i MIGHT  think the same ??
Anyways as for now I completely agree with this line …WOMEN DO DRESS UP TO IMPRESS MEN.
I hope you agree with it too .Now lets move on to...

Axiom 2
A woman’s wardrobe characterized by pinks and floral prints.
NO OBJECTIONS for this one too .
Maximum girls do have pinks and floral tops !!
I hope you agree with this one too.

But NOW NOW NOW  if i combine 1 and 2 this is what I derive…
That means its actually GUYS who like PINKS AND FORAL PRINTS !!

So its Guys who are pink lover and flower admirers be it on women or whatever ....
But lookig at these axioms this is what I can say ...

If you deny this analysis than one of the axiom goes wrong  and if one of the axiom goes wrong then you are arguing the toss n saying that sun rises from west !!!

WHAT SAY GUYS(the pink/flower lovers :) )  ???? and girls support me.

P.S : What if I go furthur and say its guys who are soft n emotional and its gals who are rough !!!
P.P.S :Dare if anybody calls me crrazzzzzy dot need to tell the thing I already know ;)

Out in the fields...

Now I know after reading the title,most of you must have scrolled down to see the photos …Well If you haven’t, then hats off to your patience !! Now don’t scroll to see OK.Let me explain….

When I say weekends, its always about sleeping more,exercising more, shopping,fighting over Sunday times with d roomies,watching dozens of movies ,cooking food at home and reading quarter or half a novel…

But this weekend was quite different..Quite quite quite different ..Since I work as a content writer for Art Of Living website I got a golden opportunity to visit Chimbli, a small village near Pune and and write a report on it.It was an experience of a lifetime to listen to the joys and sorrows of those innocent and sauve villagers.It was wonderful to know their lifestyle .It was great to come out of the goodie goodie urban lifestyle and be among those villagers ..understanding their work, listening to their grievances and getting connected to the roots (India is a land of villages.)

Life is so so different out there…

Its so much more than filling IT returns
or checking out SALE in the mall
or updating the playlist in your mobile/ipod
or fussing about gym
or cribbing over the petite savings
or waiting for Promotions …

Its total different world out there …
World with lack of water but world with abundant love.
World with frequent power cuts but world continuous flow of goodwill.
World with less demands ofsimplicity of of negligence of ignorance …world of sacrifices of restrictions …and world soooo small..

There are some 15-20 Yuvacharis(Art of Living volunteers) in the village who are working for upliftment of the village.The visit was all about knowing their activities and encouraging them and here are some of my Kodak moments…

All set to become a farmer ..getting to know about the chemical free farming.

The result of chemical free farming…good yeild…good shelf life of crop…good market…good money.

Now look at the chemical free groundnuts OK and not the bangle …For those who know me, firstly the bangle isn’t mine ..and I wore it just coz I thought in Rome be like Romans and dint want to feel out of place OK..and dare if anybody teases me on that

Chemical free farming is possible only if one has the Indian holy cow.
Some interesting facts : Hybrid cow = 20% cow, 60% pig, 20% horse
One Indian cows dung is more than enough to provide manuare for 30 acres of land.
The yuvacharis have built a goshala and have brought 13 cows of different breeds from Gujrat.
(Devni,Gir,Lal Khillar to name a few breeds) (Wow !! with that I know something other than ….different type of ORA errors / difference between ORACLE 9i and 10g :mr green:
Preparing fertilizers from cow dung and Go mutra (cow urine)..I learnt to prepare 2 fertilizers
Jeevamrut and Dash parni Ark (10 leaves tonic) ..Those of you who wanna know the recipe me

Knowing about the smoke free Chulah ….The Yuvacharis have helped about 60 families to install these chulahs you see Chimbli is all set to go green ..What are we waiting for !! and for those who know me…relax I dint cook !!

The Yuvacharis …n me . This was shot from a hill where you could get the view of the whole village.

From a distance I could see the cement jungle ready to encroach the village….I was sad about that

The baccha party inc me

I loved his eyes…He was chhhoooo cute..

The satvik cat and me…It was a pure veggie cat who ate only corn,tomamto and leafy vegetables and allegedly he prefers all to be chemical free ;).. it says in the temple and it seems that he never mixes with the other cats and attends all the pujas in a very disciplined manner !! Some of them also worship this cat !!! Strange !

The people of the village were so sweet that they loaded our car with whole lot of vegetables and fruits enough for the whole week.

It was a great great Experience !