Black and White or Grey

Times are when Black is black and White is White 
You feel you are in happy state and a better plight

But what you clearly see is

The world around is grey
and that’s how it will stay

You think something wrong with you
Your oddity starts troubling you  
Changing the glasses is the solution
Is what you think and blink

Now the picture becomes clear
And you see yourself in grey
You realize that black and white was an illusion

But now,the pail tumbles
And everything is commotion

Black and white or grey
Which you should choose you think
There’s no point standing on this brink
Anxiety, nervousness,worry and fear
 is that you see allover here

Immidiely you kick the pail and change the glasses
And think
Even though its an illusion
Black is black and white is white
And you better be in this plight

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully written kass.."The world around is grey,and that’s how it will stay" ..

    But Its the fact that everything around is only GREY..
    No Black And No white...