Meet you BEYOND

Neither a poem nor a prose ..just my heart that i pour.
Reh always liked my randomness n so I will continue it ..
The following lines are another example of my randomness ..
I know ‘she’ will read this one too !!


Coz it knew she would be waiting eagerly for it
..That gushing wind turned its way, just to flow through her beautiful hair

Coz they knew she would wait to admire their fall
..Those old ocher leaves held on to the branches till she passed under the tree

Coz no one else had owned and enjoyed them the way she did
..The books in that overladen rack secretly fought among themselves to draw her single glance 

Coz they very well knew how to impress her and make her lost in them
..Those thumping waves sang a different tune for her as she sauntered along the shore

Coz they knew she would smile and tap the leaf to split them into many
...The dew drops on that little fresh green leaf got ready

Coz it knew she would forget everything around and let it kiss her supple skin
...That steam oozing from the piping hot tea carried a different warmth for her

Coz it new her smile was much brighter than its sunshine
..The thoughtful sun had given up competing with her  

Her words were infatuating
That silence of her noisy
Those eyes were vivacious 
That gave hopes and dreams
Her smile was serene
That made everything feel alright
Every discussion with her was deep
To be Itched on the discs of heart forever

Her hand on my shoulder
And simple nod was enough
Her being with me made a difference
And her not being too 
She liked me running
And So will I

She was my key
A key to the world that was creative and colourful
A world that was happy
A world where smiles were true and words had real meanings
A world free of judgments ,free of expectations
And full of enriching experiences

That key is lost somewhere
Somewhere ..where the place is right
And I don’t want to find any keymaker 
Coz there cant be an another ‘She’

Reh you you beyond !!!


  1. There cant be better lines to say what she really meant to u..

  2. Angel has gone all the way to live in her own world.. sumwhere.. beyond all of our imagination.. The angel who lived forever.. in our heart, in our memories, in our books, in our portraits,... she is there ..she is there with us everywhere.. its just like a moist imprint in our mind..
    Kassh true from heart.. realy no words can describe d feelings..

  3. Completely ineffable, the bond that you shared with her and always will!!!

  4. Completely ineffable, the bond that you shared with her and always will!!!

  5. God takes away those he likes the most

  6. Well said and expressed, Kasturi.

  7. May you find reprieve from pain
    May you find solace in this sharing
    May you find only beauty and inspiration in your memories
    May those memories keep you nourished forever.

  8. The bond and friendship you shared will be a beautiful memory, I wish the memories to inspire you more.

  9. Hey!

    You penning poems on the blog huh! Nice!

  10. Hey!

    Penning on your blog now? Nice!