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In the life of a ZERO

Recently growling and crying for getting a zero in one of the exam a thought just struck me "how would the zero feel????????? Now I know you must be thinking that I am wierd Okay ! but I know you would read furthur :) so I dont care what you think :) ..Ya where was I ? THE ZERO.Was feeling dejected initially but then I thought 'After all he's mine I have managed to get it...Why should I be so ashamed of it ?Its has an identity..its not that i've got nothing !! then why to crib?? Infact I felt sorry for Zero and there ………he started speaking..(Ya It happens remember 'Lage Raho Munnabhai's Gandhiji !!')

The ZERO says to me…..
""'Hello! Excuse me !! Whats the problem wid u mankind??
00   Its ME from where the world starts and its ME where the world is said to end.
00   Its only ME..what a man possesses when he is born and Its only ME.. what he possesses when he's dead.
00   Its ME..because of whom U People have got inspiration to progress.
00   Its ME..because of whom U people have standards !!
00   I am the Driving Force..of this world
Still Still ...
I dont understand why my owners give me such disgusting looks and carry guilt with them ?Why?Why?
You humans have given your children a kinda cruel training to be away from me.They also feel terrorised about me.
All mankind just hates me when I am alone.They are completely fine when they see me with other numbers…That too when I am not leading……They cant see me in front of any numbers..They get terrified ,Petrified.
They say I have no value !!!
How they dont understand that it is me ..because of whom the numbers are been created!!!
What not I have done for you ppl ??
When things get complicated round off …Leaving things for me to solve .
Its me with whom they compare each and every thing.
The Positive and negative is just distinguished because of me.
I absolutely have no hopes of gratitude from this mankind...ya its their nature I know :)

I am just thankful for just one invention by the mankind "The Binary System".
Coz I know how much they worship me there.

Well …why am I saying all this …there's nothing to actually complain about mankind coz I know ultimately its only me whose existence is confirmed in this world and nobody else's .So I am the KING…………."""""

I was taken aback by this conversation..but was pleased to be a proud owner of the "KING of the world…ZERO "!!

And so here I stop growling !!

Be Proud when you get ZERO !!!!!
(Ya right...Now dont say the Girl is CRACK :) :)..think think ..theres no use cribbbing !! now then why to ?? )