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Hey if I tell you I picked up this meme from so and so blog then I will be lying..It a game which I have created and u can carry it forward ..
Its a twitter with less words.
The following game will check your clarity of thoughts and your ability to be brief try it out

Describe your favourite movie in 30 words and also include what change you would have liked in it.
Just paste your blog link in the comment section or mail me the link so that I can include your link in this post.

OK let me start..

Cool cast,fresh mood and story,witty comedy,nice songs,catchy dialogues,no bollywood exaggeration,same old story handled in quite different way.
Change: Dimple shouldnt have died.

28 words.

Now its your turn.

P.S : Yipeee I am improving this is my smallest post.
People to tell you the truth my favourite movie is schindler's list but it was hard to describe in words ..he ha haa haa :)