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Human the victim of surroundings

HUMAN , the poor animal behaves as his surrounding tells him to ..and behaves in accord to whatever he sees around him.He Learns what everybody around teaches him to.

Nobody can gainsay all this..and as far as i am concerned i will for sure never challenge this axiom . Coz it has just been proved !! In fact i myself have proved it today.How ???

Back then ..when i joined this project i was a fresher in cogni.i had never b4 experienced the return of an onsite candidate. i can still remember how my team mates had attacked the poor fellow.

i can still remember the look on his face when his bags of chocolates got snatched.

i can remember how my team members had surpassed the speed of “Sweets @ my desk’ mail and had managed to reach the desk line for chocolates and sweets b4 the mail reached their desks.

i can still remember the mob around that guy…. who was shouting… initially ..”Hellow ..Hellow…cool it… cool it ..Slowly…..Spare the bag at least. “ and later had given up all the shouting when he realized that nobody was listening.

i can still remember everybody’s contended faces (inc the manager’s) after seeing their fists full of chocolates and there i was wondering how much i had underestimated the size of their fists by seeing the number of chocolates each one had managed to snatch.

i can also remember the post activity….when each other was exchanging the chocolates and trying desperately for variety.

And then everything suddenly fell silent …everyone went at their respective places..everyone dumped their heads in their pcs and then later on the whole day all I could hear was “Plattter “ “Platter” “Plattter” …the sound chocolate wrappers …..from this corner ..from that corner..from the opposite cubicle…from the neighbourhood cubicle….from every where …. and sorry for exaggerating …but the sound horrified me in my dreams too….

And yes… the most i can remember is the disgust on my face ..when I had witnessed all this for the 1st time from a distance and at the end of the day had managed to get just one small chocolate thanx to sympathy shown by my neighbor towards me.

That day i kept on thinking about the absence of discipline in them …the whole day I was upset by their ethics…The whole day I was thinking @ their dormant conscience …the whole day i felt as if I was the only one who had well behaved with nothing to make noise of.I remember how glad i was when i thought i wasn’t among them to snatch the chocolates….i remember how happy I was with my parental teachings, my school preaching and myself who had rightly implemented those preachings and teachings at the right place and had held back the greed for chocolatesJ

When it was the Second time I was equally disgusted about everyone again but was disheartened by myself coz I had managed to eat 4 chocolates….but was glad I wasn’t among snatchers.

Same thing continued for couple of times…The amount of chocolates I managed …went on progressing each time.

And today when one more returned …There ..…i saw myself gladly in midst the mob …there i was happily snatching the chocolates….there i was…wildly and handling the chocolate box…there i wa desperately increasing the size of my fist…there i was managing as many chocolates as i can…and there I was hushed ,pleased and contented with as many chocolates in my fists….and there i was hurriedly stuffing the chocolates in my bag…and here i am “Platter” “Platter “ munching on the foreign chocolates…saying

“HUMAN,the poor animal behaves as his surrounding tells him to….!!”  :) :)