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Out in the fields...

Now I know after reading the title,most of you must have scrolled down to see the photos …Well If you haven’t, then hats off to your patience !! Now don’t scroll to see OK.Let me explain….

When I say weekends, its always about sleeping more,exercising more, shopping,fighting over Sunday times with d roomies,watching dozens of movies ,cooking food at home and reading quarter or half a novel…

But this weekend was quite different..Quite quite quite different ..Since I work as a content writer for Art Of Living website I got a golden opportunity to visit Chimbli, a small village near Pune and and write a report on it.It was an experience of a lifetime to listen to the joys and sorrows of those innocent and sauve villagers.It was wonderful to know their lifestyle .It was great to come out of the goodie goodie urban lifestyle and be among those villagers ..understanding their work, listening to their grievances and getting connected to the roots (India is a land of villages.)

Life is so so different out there…

Its so much more than filling IT returns
or checking out SALE in the mall
or updating the playlist in your mobile/ipod
or fussing about gym
or cribbing over the petite savings
or waiting for Promotions …

Its total different world out there …
World with lack of water but world with abundant love.
World with frequent power cuts but world continuous flow of goodwill.
World with less demands ofsimplicity of of negligence of ignorance …world of sacrifices of restrictions …and world soooo small..

There are some 15-20 Yuvacharis(Art of Living volunteers) in the village who are working for upliftment of the village.The visit was all about knowing their activities and encouraging them and here are some of my Kodak moments…

All set to become a farmer ..getting to know about the chemical free farming.

The result of chemical free farming…good yeild…good shelf life of crop…good market…good money.

Now look at the chemical free groundnuts OK and not the bangle …For those who know me, firstly the bangle isn’t mine ..and I wore it just coz I thought in Rome be like Romans and dint want to feel out of place OK..and dare if anybody teases me on that

Chemical free farming is possible only if one has the Indian holy cow.
Some interesting facts : Hybrid cow = 20% cow, 60% pig, 20% horse
One Indian cows dung is more than enough to provide manuare for 30 acres of land.
The yuvacharis have built a goshala and have brought 13 cows of different breeds from Gujrat.
(Devni,Gir,Lal Khillar to name a few breeds) (Wow !! with that I know something other than ….different type of ORA errors / difference between ORACLE 9i and 10g :mr green:
Preparing fertilizers from cow dung and Go mutra (cow urine)..I learnt to prepare 2 fertilizers
Jeevamrut and Dash parni Ark (10 leaves tonic) ..Those of you who wanna know the recipe me

Knowing about the smoke free Chulah ….The Yuvacharis have helped about 60 families to install these chulahs you see Chimbli is all set to go green ..What are we waiting for !! and for those who know me…relax I dint cook !!

The Yuvacharis …n me . This was shot from a hill where you could get the view of the whole village.

From a distance I could see the cement jungle ready to encroach the village….I was sad about that

The baccha party inc me

I loved his eyes…He was chhhoooo cute..

The satvik cat and me…It was a pure veggie cat who ate only corn,tomamto and leafy vegetables and allegedly he prefers all to be chemical free ;).. it says in the temple and it seems that he never mixes with the other cats and attends all the pujas in a very disciplined manner !! Some of them also worship this cat !!! Strange !

The people of the village were so sweet that they loaded our car with whole lot of vegetables and fruits enough for the whole week.

It was a great great Experience !