Youngistaan Ka WOW!

Hey guys..this isn't my usual post. So this time you can be relieved that my thoughts are not going to eat up ur head !
This is my entry for youngistaan ka WOW contest.
I had to nominate 4 of my funniest posts(damn difficult maaan)..and in the fifth post I had to answer this question - If you were the game master, what challengze would you like to throw to Ranbir? (To find out what the game is, check out example, ask Ranbir how he would get to a Pepsi if it is 15 feet underwater and there is no one in sight to help him (he is water phobic!).
So folks my 4 of my entries are..
other side
in the life of zero

And my answer to the question is.....

After following map and overcoming all the dangerous hurdles in jungle Ranbir finally finds the cave where Pepsi bottle can be found .The Pepsi is right there on the Kings chair ! But there is an istruction stating that,If the bottle is lifted,the door of the cave closes immidietly and venomous snakes fall from the ceiling! How will Ranbir drink the pepsi and escape from the cave too ?


Finally after 5 long days I am back to normal Kasturi again. These 5 miserable days people around me were shouting ‘Come on Kasturi …You can Bounce Back’ and I felt like ‘Ya right ..I wanna bounce back ! ..but so hard that I attain the escape velocity and flee this hopeless,aimless earth..I don’t wanna live’ This was all because 26th March 2010 at 5.15 MICA rejected me by saying a big SORRY.

That SORRY…took away my life which I had been living for 6-7 months ..that SORRY shattered my dreams which I had been not only seeing but also living for 6-7 months now…That SORRY took away all my Smile (So not me :)) !! I just couldn’t get over that SORRY.

I was a biggest MICADICT ever known to me :) .To give you instances...

I dreamt of playing baddy in MICA.

I dreamt of me,cheering for MCL team in a match against IIMs.

I dreamt myself to be a part of SANKALP,MICANVAS.

I even dreamt of patting and scolding and playing with ROXY,the gr8 :)

I pictured myself sleeping and dreaming in those MICA classrooms.

I had even taken a pledge to never eat a pizza in MICANTEEN!! You can imagine how attentively I had mugged up CHUCKs and UTSAV’s thread on PG.

I even dreamt of packing bags for MICA.

I read and reread the brochure so many times that now if you ask me to list down the faculty members I would even tell their qualifications and that too in Print order ;) (Dare if anyone tells me to do that )

But Its all over! I still cant believe that I have to order my brain to stop dreaming those MICA dreams ! GOSSH its so hard…Who on the earth said Dreaming was good???.who?? who?? who ?? I am gonna kill him and if he is already, then I am gonna dig up his grave and leave it as is ….GRRR.

Giving up dreaming is soo hard and then there are so many thing which just don’t allow you to

For eg..I can see those piles of India Today,Reader’s Digest and Outlooks (n what!!!Only 2 FILMFAREs beside)there inside my cupboard which I had avidly read during the prep.

As I open my laptop I see those innumerable folders prefixed with MICA....MICA_gk,MICA_puzzles,MICA_idioms,MICA _pschyo :) and MICA_whatnot . Its really so difficult to Shift delete them :)

As I open my browser my Favourites menu bar is all occupied by MICA material sites. Its so hard to remove them from there :)

Its still so hard to give up the habit of silently reading those MICA threads on PG over and over again :)

Its so hard to place that dear brochure in the stack of daily newspapers ready to go in scrap.

Its so hard to not think of those missed weddings and missed outings and all those missed episodes of so many sitcoms.Gosh.

Its really difficult to forget MICA..but after these 5 days,I have to…

Since MICA dint tell me what went wrong I have finally pushed it over on my Destiny (unfortunately).I honestly tried my best to shape my own destiny but may be I was destined to do so :)!! But I am not gonna give up so easy …No..I wont be preparing for MICAT next year :) but I am moving on with my life…but I know and believe that SOME DAY..I am gonna make it BIG and gonna be CALLED/INVITED by MICA and this is a promise from me (guys do not forget my name ;))

These premier institutes do make mistakes once in a while ..RK Narayanan was rejected by JJ School of arts ! I forgive MICA to have made that same mistake in my case :) !!! But its OK ..I still love it :) and so you all will see me there when MICA calls me!
(Its not that ..grapes aur sour for me and I have an attitude problem ...I am saying all this, just coz there are personal obligations and I cannot give MICAT next year:( :(   )


ALL CALL GETTERS...just realize the value of what you have in your hand …It’s the thing which thousands of like me are dying for Best of Luck the Best and convert the call ..Let MICA get the best !!

For all those who dint get a call and are preparing for MICAT next year “All the very best” …and for all those are not preparing for MICAT next year “BOUNCE BACK and MOVE ON”.

And for MICADDICTs like me “Never stop loving MICA” .


In the life of a forward

“Now I know that I’ve come in your inbox again…but that doesn’t mean that you become so pissed off ,make a murky face and brutally kill me by Shift-Delete. Its not that I love your gloomy face either .It’s Someone with gloomy face like yours has sent me to you…so curse that person and not me.And moreover even if you delete me I wont be restricted.I ll drop in some other time !!!:-)

I hate when people say”Oh!!!!these Forwards!!!!”...Hellooow !!Excuse me !I don’t have any interest to grace your mailbox OK…. but unfortunately I cant avoid it also ….

I am very faithful servant of the sender. I go whenever,wherever and carry whatever he gives me ..sometimes viruses also. Sometimes people dress me up with useful information which very few people think of reading ..sometimes people dress me up with pictures which ppl only scroll down (that too midway) and don’t even have patience to scroll till end.Sometimes network glitches do come in my way …but somehow I manage to reach the destination.

As for me my age is more than your age now. From the time I’ve been born I am just travelling from one inbox to other.Only that’s the aim in my life.One deletes me.the other fowards me.So anyways I am alive some or the otherways..No one gets inspired,no one cares for me.No one treats me specially.Those formal work mails of yours always tease me as they go in those special folders and we….in the recycle bins !!!

But I am a great optimist I know that I have more value than those imp mails.Just imagine that whole day you keep on receiving those bore work emails and not a single casual forward !!! You would go even if you neglect me I know that I have distracted you and brought you out of the work for a couple of seconds.So I am responsible for maintaining your mental balance.So I don’t care what impotance I get !Mind It !!So Stop giving me dirts and stop staring and Forward me so that I can handle some one else’s mental balance now !!!

Out of the life of forward ..its me,Kasturi again saying ...
Next time you get a forward instead of getting pissed off !Just think your mind needed that !!!

Experience will teach them

Just yesterday,I read an ariticle by Anupam Kher where in he says that money cant buy happiness.Agreed ..Yes boss ! at the first thought ..but then suddenly I thought twice and now..if you ask me I would say ‘YES’ for those who have it and ‘NO’ for those who don’t.

I feel that every person should undergo both the feeling in his/her lifetime.
I agree that it’s a truth that Money cant buy happiness…but this truth should be arrived at. Gradually.And, not to be considered right away at once just because everyone says so!

Just by saying or knowing that money can’t buy happiness, the poor cannot stop yearning for it and wait for happiness to come to them .It will be like sour grapes if they do that.

Same is the case with the rich,just after realizing that money cant buy happiness they simply cant relinquish all their money they have…It will be stupidity if they do that.

It’s a stark reality that 70% of the total wealth in the world is acquired by mere 5% people on the earth and there are way more number of poor people on this earth striving for these basic necessities than 5% of people.If you tell them that money cant buy happiness ..they will say  "then give your money to us".

Since the 1st grade we have been learning that the basic necessities of man are food,cloathing and shelter.Well, how do you get them?? You need money to get them,unless you are an aboriginal !
Then there are some who have these basic needs but are striving to maintain those basic needs do they do that ! Money !
Then there are some who require more than the basic needs,the do they get that..Money !

Now you may say..”oh Kasturi you are so shallow ..hapiness does not always lie in Material things …grow up “!

People ..wait ...I know..I know ..I know ….but you all are saying this …just because you all have already experienced the feeling with the material things,you all have experienced the temporary phase but some people haven’t got a chance to experience even that ! What about them ??? We cant just tell them that things dont give happiness ..they will have to experience that for themselves !!
And speaking about those who say money cant buy happiness...
At some point or the other every person does see happiness in material things, be he rich or poor..If that wasn’t true then after some point of time, everyone would have renounced everything they had or they might have never purchased anything after realizing that materials do not give happiness.
But does that happen??No..Even today dont we see Bill Gates travelling in jet  and enjoying luxury??

In a nutshell what I want to say ..We people created money as our basic means and we ourselves just cant devaluate it by saying that money can't buy something.
Today,the whole world is driven by money and one just cant stay behind ..saying that whats the use of money if it can't give us happiness.
Man himself has created such circumstances that at some point or the other he does require money for some of his needs.I am sure for a happy man also, lack of money will be a cause of concern sometime..unless he is a saint.

Those who want to earn money let them earn ..those who dont want to earn let them dont...experience will teach them..
I wrote this post just because I cant always accept and nod my head with whatever is being said !
Well as for me ...balance is the key :)

I have taken a step : Youth Congress

I am no different than those youth,who at 23, are bursting with the thought that world can be theirs and they can make a great difference.In my case, that world is confined to India.Long Long ago,before I was a youth I felt that I can be the prime minister of India ..i remember,back then in 3rd i even wrote a composition 'If I were a PM' and had got the spelling of 'discrimination' wrong :)

Things Changed and ..'I started understanding !'

The first thing,as a small girl I understood that to be a PM one had to join politics and I understood that Politics isnt a career for a fresher unlike doctor or engineer for which one had to study and obtain a degree !! That left me with a big question hovaring in my mind 'Then what was I supposed to do/study for to join politics ?? My small mind found the question ultra difficult and I gave up..So when people asked me...... 'Beta,what you want to become when you grow big ?' I changed my answer from PM to an Engineer :) a legacy of my father ....but still,somewhere in the corner of mind I never wanted to take up job like my fathers, who worked with non living things...the circuits....for the whole day!! (I thought I loved people ..I thought that they atleast praise when someone works for them but circuits do not  :) :) ) Anyway,i ignored that corner of my mind.

But then things changed again  and I started understanding more ..

By this time I had revised the later answer(engineer) again and again and the former (PM) became blurr and was pushed in an unattentive part of my barin and without caring much about it I found myself busy with my school tests, the rat race around,my atheletics matches,my tennis matches and slowly politics became a big NO..NO and major reasons being that I never understood the boring headlines of the newspapers...and I never understood why people fought in that green-brown archaic room with low hanging fans ??

But then things changed again and I started understanding some more ...

By this time I started understanding the headlines ..(not editorials though) I understood why those people fought in the green brown room..and I very well understood that they fought even outside.
I understood from what I read..I heard ..I discussed  and came to a conclusion politics is a brat's game altogether..people join politics for own selfish reasons or people who dont know anything know everything about politics or people who have their mothers and fathers in it join politics soo for me politics was now like ..."EEEEKs I hate poilitics" !
This feeling remained unchanged for quite a long time until....

Things changed and I started understanding some what more ...

I became a Computer Engineer and started working with the non living things! Even though I worked with the thinking machines which were far better than circuits at least  :) I still thought/felt that I loved people much more than these non livings. I loved listening to them ..I loved organising events for them..i loved guiding them..i loved thinking for them ..i loved fighting for them..i loved questioning others just for them...i loved seeing them happy around me. This feeling was much much better than a fixing a bug !! It was then when I realised that it was the time to find answer to the long lost question.
Even before I heard Shashi Tharoor or Rahul G say that middle class should take interest in Politics I was of the same opinion as theirs ..I started feeling that Politics is not all that bad and it requires the middle class to jump in..and when I had heard ST and RG and many more say that Politics did require the middle class feeling strengthened. and the word which was once pushed in one corner of my brain (PM)...started dancing right behind my thoughts .Suddenly i decided to join politics...Youth congress.

As usual things changed and I started understanding in real sense...

One fine day I declared that I was filling form of youth congress and everyone in the house was zapped ! Hell broke down for all of them !! There was a huge hue and cry about my decision ..lots of difficult questions followed which made me think seriously before i submitted the form...and left me with the a feeling "Am i doing the right thing !!!"

 The questions were ..

  • Everybody says that it is a puddle of dirty water at the low level are you gonna survive to get to the top???
  • You are an unmarried,unsecured,just started living,naive to the world of politics and most importantly a young girl like a glass vessal ..who will protect you ??Who will gaurd those guards out there ???(You know moms :) but this time it was my dad too :) )
  • You are a middle class girl whose father,brother,mother or even a distant relative is not a MLA,MP or for that matter even a simple ward counciler...who will guide you ?????
  • What if you had to compromise your ethics , would you ??
  • When you know you cannot change the system ...why go into it???
  • Whom will you rely on ???
  • What if tommorrow something adverse happens ??
I could hear my mother cry and say 'See Kasturi, we do not have those super contacts like other people ! If god forbid, some adverse condition crops a poor housewife and your father a poor soul  wont be able to do annnnnnything..except giving up our lives ..For us only things we have with us are ..our ethics and you both (me n my bro) ..U both happy and we are happy ...then you decide ?
The night was restless but me being a true optimist never looked at the side they were trying to show me ...i knew firmly that the next day I was going to submit the form.
I silenced everyone @ home with my enthu ,confidence and my convincing capabilities..
I had realised that I had only one life with me and I could take chance only in this one ..i assured them that i will draw limits for myself and not get hyper about it..I told them I'll continue working with the non livings and just do my small bit !! Without thinking more I went and submitted the form of youth congress.

Things dint change and I dint know whether I ever understood anything ??

I was now a software proffesional and a member of youth congress..In their first meet they proudly introduced me to many of their members ..most of them ,the superior sex and hardly any women
(which made me uncomfy :( though ).Most of them were introduced as nephew of 'XYZ' ward councillor,daughter of 'ABC' minister,cousin of 'LMN' ward councillor which terrified and petrified me...coz I had no one like that .A chill ran down my spine and I kept giving fake smiles.But without having any furthur prejudices with an open mind i attended the meeting I heard their agenda,their motives,aims and plans ...and things changed !

I was assured that ...though they werent people with ipods ..
though they werent people who used deos ..
though they werent people with inshirts and orderly trousers ..
though they werent people with those sophisticated looks ...
though they werent people I am used to seeing around me ....

I am ultra ultra happy that I had taken the right decision and at least had taken a small(smallest) step towards accomplishing  my dreams.I know its a long..long...long journey ..and though I wont be able to become a PM..I will be happy that at least I am doing my bit for my world !

Now wait..I dont understand wether what I feel is correct or is it too early to feel like that :) :)
Time will tell ...Waiting for things to change furthur :) :) Wish me luck guys :)

  1. At times those horrifying questions DO crop up in my mind and shivers DO run in my spine.
  2. I am sad about one fact ..that today I kept those questions aside and took a really audacious step but there are thousands who are willing but still have got stuck up with those questions which are occluding/preventing them to enter politics ...and unfortunately I dont have a slightest idea ...what I can do for it ..except for writing this post  :(  :( May be Shashi tharoor and Rahul Gandhi can come up with a solution :)
  3. Dont think that I understand everything about politics now..I still have problem in understanding some editorials and god knows what will happen once I start understanding them.
  4. I have said that I cannot be the PM just because I still feel that you need a godfather in politics and I am still searching for one :) Anybody out there ???????????????????????????????????Helllowww ??

YUM UFF..Whose en ..whose out..whatever !! {MF Hussain}

Read about MF Hussain.Read both the sides ..For and Against.

Speaking about MF as an artist I am a nobody to comment on his work.He is one of the masters of his own field and the awards and accolades he has brought for India speak of his forte.I can't speak also because I haven't seen all of his paintings and I cant speak also coz I dont know under which circumstances he has drawn those paintings as I read that he has also painted against British rulers during the pre Independence period.

But speaking about MF Husain as a person, I cannot help,but say that he is an irresponsible citizen of India.He should have realised that, if his paintings are harming the nation's integrity or creating unrest amongst some particular community, then there is no point making such paintings .But but but instead of realising this,he continued to pinch the same community again and again. Hence all these consequences have followed.

I know that an artist has freedom of expression,but a commercial and world reknown artist like MF should definitely keep his audience in mind while painting and just cant allow his mind go any where.I mean, even while writing this blog a novice and noone like me thinks ..what my followers will like and what they'll not (though they r not many) then why someone like MF cant?
Doesnt he want to make his audience happy ??And if he paints something inspite of knowing that it will make most of his audience sad then he should be fine to digest all kinds of reactions and either stop making a fuss of those reactions or stop making such kind of paintings.According me its a nature's rule that one can spread sadness for long, and if MF thinks that he'll make hindus sad by painting these then he is not apt for the 'survival of the fittest' racein India .Deriving happiness from someone's sadness is utterly inhumane.

Now I (we hindus) know that depicting nudity is not obscene..I (we) am (are) that mature enough. I (we hindus) know that it is the purest suit ,one was born with and I (we hindus) have no problem gods being showed nude some temples we do have them shown nude..but what I (we hindus) object is MF Hussain's own concepts of nudity and the intentions with which he makes a character nude ..Now acc. to him ....

Clothed : Love/I have no problems : : Nude : hatered/I have problems !!!

Now, this is something I (we) truely object ..he simply cannot let us imbibe these concepts-of-his through his paintings ..I (we hindus) are absolutely not going to tolerate that !Hence all the incidences against MF have followed !


In 2006 MF quit the 'survival of the fittest' race in India and went to have a race somewhere else..(London<->Dubai)...It should have been a matter over for India.Now let him get a quatarian citizenship or Mangolian one ..we dont care ..He has done his part for India (his other non controvercial paintings)and we have done ours (conferred him with Padma Bhushan,Padma Vibhushan,Raja Ravi Varma etc) so its a win-win and theres no point chewing over the same chapter again and again ! India will gain nothing as far as I can see unless there is some political relevance whichI cant see :(
(I absolutely have no views on what govt should have done ! What it shouldn't have and what it has done!)I just know one thing that there is no point in thinking of bringing MF back or even discussing over it ..or cribbing over how Indians have reacted and how they should have !( I know I shouldnt have written this blog either ;) ;) ) .But seriously theres no point pulling the same thread again and again..

-His official website has been Forbidden in India.
-His wikipedia information has been changed (Indian born Quatarian artist)
-He has accepted the citizenship already.
-He is 92 year old quataran now and there is no point having differences amongst we fellow Indians over him.India is a young country and should move on to other much more important issues.

Now ..if he again says that 'you can move MF out of India but cannot move India out of MF'..then I'll say Mr. MF, first behave like a responsible Indian.We would proudly like to own your works ..provided they are sensible and appealing to all audience!You can come back and spend your last days on your very own land provided you and your paintings venerate that land and every single being living on it !If yes ...then you r welcome !!

P.s : Hey wait u know...u were on Kasturi's blog and simply can't leave the blog so serious!!!  So allow me to bring the notorious me back..My mind simply cannnooot sustain such serious thougts ...u all know :)...So now what this Kasturi has to say about MF ????? "Arey,LET GO !! At least he thought n knew a great deal about our gods and godesses !!! Now how many of you even think or know about his ?? An artist's only prolog so serfound thoughts get converted into his paintings I am happy that even in his profoundest thoughts he thinks about our Gods :) :)..So LEAVE and let (him) live wherever he is :) :) ...Now 20 maoists have stolen 60 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate beware"

Ps Ps : You know What I did ..shhhhh .....I saved a copy of MF's semi nude Bharat Mata and dressed her in paint and signed as KS :) ha ha ha (ya,I knw I am nuts :) )!!

Waaannnh my chair :(

OHhhhhhhhhh noooooooo Daaammnn !! my chair is gone !!
Hey its not about THE powerwala chair haan its about my chair on which i sit the whole day and code incessantly.Its been captivated by my team lead !!
Shaah ! It was my beloved one ! I was so fond of it ! I was so comfortable on it ! I used to love it soo much ! It was equivalent to the “singhasan “ for me.
But now its gone and I can do nothing but see it behind me .I am soo uncomfortable sitting on this stranger one !

(Now dear readers ..I know I might sound crazy,Frenzy,jug-head,crack pot and a nut in the furthur post..but I am not used to hold back my feelings so you'll have to bear with me n ya sorry for breaking the link :))

So where was I ? My chair got captivated and I am broken heart.
Whenever I look at it ..I feel the chair say...
 "Hey !! I dint like my new owner please take me back I want YOU to sit on ME”
I felt as if it is spreading its handrests and calling me …and saying
“Dear Kasturi please save me from this new one on me .
YOU were the one who gave me full respect,this new one doesn’t care about me.
I don’t matter for him.I am just a matter for him.
I want you... I remember how unnerved YOU used to be when someone else sat on me.
I remember how your heart skipped a beat when YOU found me misplaced.
I remember how blissful YOU felt when you sat on me.
I felt so pampered with YOU but this one doesn’t think about me a single pence have me!”

(Now stop thinking fool of me )

But strange,Isn’t it !!! I never knew my chair played a so much part in my life tell you seriously I am not able to concentrate on my work !(I know that’s bad..but Its good to be honest).After every half n hr I am looking back forlornly at my chair and hearing new things from it.

(Now,my frenzy mind goes again so beware :) its my turn to talk to my chair and I owe some words for my chair :) )

“Dear Coushy..(Thats what Ive named it .. Coushy for my Tooshy.. Thats what I keep sayin !!!)
I feel for you as Fedrer feels for his racket..
I feel for you as Picasso feels for his brush ..
I feel for you as Shakespere feels for his pen .
I feel for you as Lance feels for his bike …..
You brought a smile on my face and I'll get you soon :) ”

(Thats it ! Now you can relax !Its time to get serious..)

I never realized that my productivity shares a fraction with my chair…
I never realized ,that “feeling of belonging“ for materialistic things ..can be such intensive that it can have a psychological effect.
N I don’t see anything wrong in that .
Today I will work …but after every half n hr a small thought of the chair will disturb me …but tomorrow b4 the TL comes when I ll interchange the chair and get it back ! The whole day Ill feel contended and that simple feeling of having my chair back will make me work with double the i'll make up for today.

In a nutshell,I just wanted to say that derive happiness in smallest possible things around (Its chair for me) .These small small things constantly keep giving us happiness and contement but we fail to acknowledge.
Just find out such things in your life and acknowledge the happiness it gives you and I am sure you'll be happy everytime you  see it. After all life is all about being happy :)
So all be happy, as I shall be Tommorow .
But For Today….”Waaaannnhhh MY CHAIR!!!”.

P.S : Sorry for those "Third world conversations b/e me and my chair but I meant them :) "


Sunday evenings are special for us roomies because , we don’t torture our tummies and taste buds with that dreadful Tiffin of ours from our “doesn’t know how to cook ” aunty :) :) . So thanks to this so-called aunty of ours every weekend happen to try a new restaurant . This weekend also we did try one. It wasn’t so high profile and elite that along with the bill we get this huge Feedback form !!! Seeing the form I was like “No…Not here, Feedback Feedback Feedback every where..”

Feedback of a course@ cognizant.
Feedback of caterer services @ cognizant.
Feedback of our HCM Supervisors.
Feedback of garbage management in the society.
Feedback of a new Tabla Sir @ our music Vidyalaya .
Feedback of an exhibition.. and nowFeedback of this small eatery ?
It almost made me sing “Feedback is in the air ;) ”

But then I thought why am I ranting about it ??? After all Its all about feedbacks, isn’t it ?
Isn’t feedback the reason for all the improved versions of things …be it car or product or even a document?Feedback is a source of motivation …don’t we strive for positive feedback ? Even bad Feedback is a kind of motivation coz then we strive to turn it into a good feedback.
Whenever we say we like him/her/this/that ….what are we doing ?
Whenever we complain about things …what are we doing ?
Feedback makes us spend and feedback makes us save.
Feedback has the power to retain and feedback has the power to change.
Product companies,marketing firms ,entertainment industry ..etc are so very dependent on feedbacks ! THEN….THEN..THEN a deep insight has struck…EUREKA
What do you think our TESTING is ? Isn’t it a kind of feedback given by our testers for our code ?So you see in IT industries…too 70% of the work is based on giving feedbacks :) :)

So doesnt it make us say it’s all about giving Feedback !!
So henceforth,if you are asked for a feedback ….toss your laziness and take it seriously.
So now time has come that you give your feedback for this post :) .

(P.S : I think we should start having feedbacks for our Politians and their policies as well !!)

At least Shut up !

Well this post is an old one apologies for posting it in off season :)

The other day ..I read an editorial written by the Arindam Chaudhary where in he quoted.. that “India is a country Of Lions led by Donkeys" LIONS !!! To hell with it !!! LIONS DON’T ALLOW DONKEYS TO RULE OVER THEM !! Then what sort of lions are we ???

Since ages …..especially post attacks I’ve been listening, reading,hearing this bullshit ‘Our politians are irresponsible,dishonest, incompetent,unethical,good for nothing ,soul-less souls.’But b4 you follow this proto type..just think what we as Indian-citizens are doing other than cursing the politians??

Zilch,Naught,absolutely nothing Just Discussing ,discussing rather gossiping about the sorry state of Politics in our country.Fighting in FAVOUR or AGAINST a Politian…..Grasping those crap negative news (Mind it..I haven’t written ‘watching those crap negative news’ Coz grasping never occurs in case of the positive ones ..n sorry 4 breaking the link ) and blaming the politians over the lunches the group discussions…in the meetings….in the bus..wherever we think of flaunting our so called concerns for the country…But That’s not enough Mr!!

Who s listening to you ??Whats the outcome of all ur they show how alert and concerened we Indians are ..or do they personify…'OK Mr. You are well updated with whats going on around.’ Oh Crap !!

“CHANGE “ that’s what is required ..corect ??? BUT not in them …….in US (its not United States OK !!! :) ) Yes An attitude change …a total reengineering and change in oulook towards politics is required.

Ya..Its high time we get interested ..and take our politics seriously.!! We, no more can afford to ignore the deciding factor …Yes… politics IS the deciding factor… industrial dev,economic dev,infrastructural dev,agricultural dev,educational dev .etc depends on politics….then how can we Indians be SOOOO casual about it. How can we just hand over the country in the hands in whom we hardly trust ??? How on earth we dont  understand..when we say 'we are handing over the country'..means in a way we r handing our future in their hands…And future cannot change just being lionhearted….go Hunt that doesn’t mean leave cognizant and join politics …..

I know …and realize that we have no magic wand that can convert the stagnant puddle into lake of Swans in one day..but at least we can try and make efforts to contain it …!!!
There could be various ways I can think of…but the easiest one….. VOTE !!

I know that office schedules are tight and and a day off comes to be like splendid spring in a desert but… let not that day be the day of elections !! Please..Please ..Please don’t plan short trips,movies etc on that day …but carry out ur moral responsibility to go and VOTE .Each VOTE makes a difference.
The other ways could be….(there are just 4 so dont get bored scroll down..

• To efficiently use the Right to Information and enjoy the transparency.. Its just a click away it and there it is ..its amazing …there are so many things which govt provides that can make our lives better ..but we are unaware of .But no one will publisize them n dont expect them to..coz we love negative.

• The bureaucratic staff needs to be given more importance than the polititians…It should be ‘polititians under the bureaucrats’ but in our case it’s the othe way round.

• Increase the weight-age of subject CIVICS and ECOMICS in our academic portion.(Don’t get terrified further …lemme complete) ….Provided…the matter in the books is designed in a better fashion to make it interesting other wise these two subjects are nightmares for me as well.

• To identify the candidates right from school level and train them for the.. administrative exams.Apart from doctor-engineer we need to put a third option in front of them.Until this happens we cant expect d swans to in the puddle

I don’t know wether I am right or not ..I dont know how all this will happen…when it will happen and who will make it happen but I just wanted to express or else these thoughts would have killed me if any longer they…would have to stayed in my mind so I had to put them on paper however much relevant-irrelevant–practical-impractical they are..

Hush so here I come 2 the End …Well…all these are far off things the main reason for this post was… coax you all to vote.

And if you don’t least SHUTUP n don’t dicuss the sorry state of politics and dont discuss @ the souless souls …coz you have no right to !!!

Disclaimer :Apologies for being rude in some places……But I mean it .

Not only go green

“Shhhaa ! maan I hate !! I hate it so much…
I hate not seeing the sun in the morning when I get up.
I hate seeing the puddles of water everywhere .I hate that yucky smell of moist clothes.
I hate to see the bobby prints of mud on the back of my pant .
I hate to see half a kg mud stuck on my sandals.
I hate those somewhat wet socks which attract my attention from time to time.
I hate those open umbrellas draining water which occupy MY Space in the balcony .
I hate to see those creepy patterned leakage patches on the wall.
I hate to see the mud filled mud gaurds and mudflaps and dirty cars and wiper marks.
I hate the moist salt ..the moist matchsticks .. the powercuts.. the traffic jams …
Gawwwwd I hate this rain so much !! “ I used to say so before a couple of days …

when suddenly one day our (me n my rommies ) happy n flourishing lives were hit by this immense turbulence. That day we returned from the office to see our ever water vomiting taps run dry !!!

Very unalarmingly the water supply had been cut. We all saw the amount of water in the filter and all of us thought the same .. “What are we gonna drink ? How are we gonna cook ? How are we gonna wash these utensils and most importantly how are we gonnaa…….

And there all of us at once we looked at each other — nodded our heads –and ran in search of the watchman..who was as usual watching nothing and had gone ..god knows where. . After a long Ctrl+F everywhere we found him and asked the obvious question for which he answered casually ..”Water is gonna come at 8” and we were like “HUSSSSHH” and then he said “Tommorrow Morning ” and we were like “WHATTTT …NOOO” :O We all leave for office by then…Some angel.. told us that there was a tap in the nearby building which was emitting water and ..there :)….. everybody saw 5 Software Proffesionals helplessly carrying buckets full of water up and down ..6 floors :roll: we tried out as many algos we had learned reduce the number of turns ..but in vain…Finally when all the buckets and huge containers were full..we stopped , had painkillers for dinner and quickly went to sleep fearless of nightmares as we had already experienced one . Really that day was worse than a nightmare (Our daily serials also went for a toss that day :) we are still sulking 4 that :)

Muni. Corporation had cut 40 % of the water supply so water came only 2 hrs every day..The monsoon had ditched us ..everyday it used to be cloudy but it never rained ! One fine day..when I read that … IMD had predicted that the monsoon will be postponed still further ..I was sure and happy that it would rain that day but god knows how their predictions were correct !! (they updated their instruments I guess )

After a lot of prayers,wailings,cryings and suffering finally it rained ..and rained.. and rained but things are different now …Now I love everything which I said” I hate “above . Previously, I just knew ..or I just thought … about the importance of rain but today I have realized it in real sense . Ive truly realized water’s worth and I want you all to realize it too w/o experiencing all the brunts which I n my roomies have ..So folks NOT ONLY GO GREEN ..GO BLUE TOO and use water judiciously !!

AOL Banglore Ashram

16 hours pune –banglore journey seemed like nothing when we reached Banglore’s Art Of living Ashram . I felt as if the atmosphere around the Ashram had this unique capability of absorbing the fatigue and injecting a smile and a feeling of awe on your face .

A beautiful hoarding of Sri Sri Ravishankar jee (Gurujee) with as usual beautiful, divine smile greets you warmly and pushes you inside the Ashram.

As you enter ..Shades of green ..right and left makes you wonder about existence of a term called global warming :) :) . The ashram doesn’t appear to be 21 km away from the city but appears to be 21 light years away from the normal life and daily routine.

As I looked around..

The far away mountains appeared as if they were into deep into meditation.

The breeze hummed ‘Om’ ..
The trees appeared to be doing Ujjai continuously ..
The beautiful structure Of Vishalakshmi * stood right there in the centre like Guruji as if examining all the above activities.

As I moved on with curiousity…. I saw those two lucky chaps - Maheshwar and Indrayni (Guruji’s Elephants with whom he plays daily !) and cows and buffaloes (Sorry..I dint ask their names )

Formalities for accomodation were done and then finally we were compelled to serve the rats which ran like crazy inside our stomachs so we hurried to the Ashram’s Kitchen – ( a testimony to self service and also selfless service) where we had delicious lunch served by the devotees.

Then we had meeting for approx 2 hrs where I met these highly dedicated, focused , sincere,ever smiling, warm,polite ,wonderful people about whom I’ll be writing later (This blog alone cant do justice. )

I never felt that I had met them first time.

And @ the meeting –it should have been for surely been recorded as an exemplar for an ideal official meeting .

And then the most exciting part of the tour for which I was fervently looking forward to ..Guruji’s Darshan ..We had to meet him and tell him all the statistics of the YOGA site .

First we went to Bhadrivishala where there were at least 300 people and we 15 were wondering how will guruji wait …and listen to our statistics . Changing places dint make any difference for sure

Then suddenly I dont know how ..we we were taken to Ganga Kutir (Place where Guruji meets select few if I am not wrong..coz I am new :) )

As soon as we entered Ganga ,

Time surrendered !
Atmosphere changed its composition with more of his warmth and divinity than the nitrogen and oxygen
Gravity had loosened her hold on us and we felt as if we had already surpassed the escape velocity :) to leave this earth !
Neurons and sensory motors were totally out of our control.
I felt as if my facial muscles has been frozen with that smile on permanently ! I just couldn’t stop smiling :) .
His presence ..his radiance ..his smile …his look ..his aura …his warmth..had just shook me !!
He looked at each one of us ..and said that we were doing a good job (;) )…said that we were a dynamic team..
He listened to all our statistics very calmly ..asked some doubts and the doubt showed that he dint hear us just for the heck of it..he was interested ! He gave us blessings for the next site on meditation and told us to come back on 20th June ! He looked at each one of us and kept on saying very good !!

And then guess what he gave each one of us a silver pendant an gave us loads of imported chocolates !!
When he noticed that some of us were silently trying to capture those rare moments …He said in a very very cute manner “You want a picture ??? ..Wait ” and he stood up..came forward and we all very excitedly gathered near him to click a snap !
Wondering ..whether I deserved to be there or deserved for whatever I had felt ..I left the Ganga kutir with an awe and with that unique Sri Sri coating around me :)
(Sounds like sugar cookie right ?)

It took me some moments to come back to my senses. I felt as if I happiest and luckiest person on the planet that day !!!

We then very fairly ,justly and loyally distributed the chocolates amongst ourselves and again had meeting for couple of hours and

Then we attended the satsang .I litrally experienced “ love in the air” around the auditoriam ..people were so enthu,excited and happy ..they were singing with joy ,dancing with joy ….leaving all their feelings behind they were there just for him.
The questions were amazing and interesting and @ his answers I need not tell !!! Its implicit

I would like to share with you one Q-A

Q-” feed us with delicious food and you treat us so well in the Ashram will we go home ?”

A –” What ???Go home !! I thought you consider this as your own home.” (I dont know whether you understood it or not coz it made more sense in hindi :) )

Next day was spent in venturing someparts of Ashram and in the meeting .We also witnessd video recording where in weheard some great experiences from experts from AOL who were working on terrorism,insurgency,militancy and naxalism .

Then we again saw guruji in Satsang and with a realllyyyy heavy heart we left for Pune.

The whole journey back home I was wondered about these two days …My destiny ..My Luck .and of course …Guruji !!! To tell you people ..I have surely built up a firm conclusion that Guruji surely has a secret magnet with him which attracts people …infact all the beings towards him !!!

Those two days were really best in my life ..hope you all experience the same soon !!


Hey if I tell you I picked up this meme from so and so blog then I will be lying..It a game which I have created and u can carry it forward ..
Its a twitter with less words.
The following game will check your clarity of thoughts and your ability to be brief try it out

Describe your favourite movie in 30 words and also include what change you would have liked in it.
Just paste your blog link in the comment section or mail me the link so that I can include your link in this post.

OK let me start..

Cool cast,fresh mood and story,witty comedy,nice songs,catchy dialogues,no bollywood exaggeration,same old story handled in quite different way.
Change: Dimple shouldnt have died.

28 words.

Now its your turn.

P.S : Yipeee I am improving this is my smallest post.
People to tell you the truth my favourite movie is schindler's list but it was hard to describe in words ..he ha haa haa :)