At least Shut up !

Well this post is an old one apologies for posting it in off season :)

The other day ..I read an editorial written by the Arindam Chaudhary where in he quoted.. that “India is a country Of Lions led by Donkeys" LIONS !!! To hell with it !!! LIONS DON’T ALLOW DONKEYS TO RULE OVER THEM !! Then what sort of lions are we ???

Since ages …..especially post attacks I’ve been listening, reading,hearing this bullshit ‘Our politians are irresponsible,dishonest, incompetent,unethical,good for nothing ,soul-less souls.’But b4 you follow this proto type..just think what we as Indian-citizens are doing other than cursing the politians??

Zilch,Naught,absolutely nothing Just Discussing ,discussing rather gossiping about the sorry state of Politics in our country.Fighting in FAVOUR or AGAINST a Politian…..Grasping those crap negative news (Mind it..I haven’t written ‘watching those crap negative news’ Coz grasping never occurs in case of the positive ones ..n sorry 4 breaking the link ) and blaming the politians over the lunches the group discussions…in the meetings….in the bus..wherever we think of flaunting our so called concerns for the country…But That’s not enough Mr!!

Who s listening to you ??Whats the outcome of all ur they show how alert and concerened we Indians are ..or do they personify…'OK Mr. You are well updated with whats going on around.’ Oh Crap !!

“CHANGE “ that’s what is required ..corect ??? BUT not in them …….in US (its not United States OK !!! :) ) Yes An attitude change …a total reengineering and change in oulook towards politics is required.

Ya..Its high time we get interested ..and take our politics seriously.!! We, no more can afford to ignore the deciding factor …Yes… politics IS the deciding factor… industrial dev,economic dev,infrastructural dev,agricultural dev,educational dev .etc depends on politics….then how can we Indians be SOOOO casual about it. How can we just hand over the country in the hands in whom we hardly trust ??? How on earth we dont  understand..when we say 'we are handing over the country'..means in a way we r handing our future in their hands…And future cannot change just being lionhearted….go Hunt that doesn’t mean leave cognizant and join politics …..

I know …and realize that we have no magic wand that can convert the stagnant puddle into lake of Swans in one day..but at least we can try and make efforts to contain it …!!!
There could be various ways I can think of…but the easiest one….. VOTE !!

I know that office schedules are tight and and a day off comes to be like splendid spring in a desert but… let not that day be the day of elections !! Please..Please ..Please don’t plan short trips,movies etc on that day …but carry out ur moral responsibility to go and VOTE .Each VOTE makes a difference.
The other ways could be….(there are just 4 so dont get bored scroll down..

• To efficiently use the Right to Information and enjoy the transparency.. Its just a click away it and there it is ..its amazing …there are so many things which govt provides that can make our lives better ..but we are unaware of .But no one will publisize them n dont expect them to..coz we love negative.

• The bureaucratic staff needs to be given more importance than the polititians…It should be ‘polititians under the bureaucrats’ but in our case it’s the othe way round.

• Increase the weight-age of subject CIVICS and ECOMICS in our academic portion.(Don’t get terrified further …lemme complete) ….Provided…the matter in the books is designed in a better fashion to make it interesting other wise these two subjects are nightmares for me as well.

• To identify the candidates right from school level and train them for the.. administrative exams.Apart from doctor-engineer we need to put a third option in front of them.Until this happens we cant expect d swans to in the puddle

I don’t know wether I am right or not ..I dont know how all this will happen…when it will happen and who will make it happen but I just wanted to express or else these thoughts would have killed me if any longer they…would have to stayed in my mind so I had to put them on paper however much relevant-irrelevant–practical-impractical they are..

Hush so here I come 2 the End …Well…all these are far off things the main reason for this post was… coax you all to vote.

And if you don’t least SHUTUP n don’t dicuss the sorry state of politics and dont discuss @ the souless souls …coz you have no right to !!!

Disclaimer :Apologies for being rude in some places……But I mean it .


  1. I dont think voting alone would work :(

  2. Nice thinking ..I loved the Disclaimer :)
    -Rajesh Kumar Gattupalli

  3. Dear kasturi

    I really love what you have written. At your age I would have written something like this. I just want to suggest that instead of letting the angst flow direct the angst. It could yeild better results for you - Victor Manickam